Some new Metal Gear Survive story details: Wardenclyffe Section, Goodluck and infectious lifeforms

A new fact sheet released by Konami has shed some more light on the story and characters of Metal Gear Survive. The soldier you play as in the game has managed to avoid getting sucked into the wormhole that opened up over Mother Base. Six months later he awakens in factlity belonging to Wardenclyffe Section, a secret US government facility. A man called Goodluck tells him he has been infected with a lifeform, and he now has to travel to the alternate dimension to find a cure for the infection.

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Nyxus330d ago

In all fairness they are treating this as a non canon spin off. It sounds like they want to differentiate it from the main storyline by introducing a new organization, new characters etc.

PhantomS42330d ago

Bad story is still a bad story

zexetux330d ago

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TheVetOfGaming330d ago

As a massive Metal Gear fan, I can't wait to not play this.

GamesMaster1982330d ago

To be fair it sounds good to me, i mean rising story seemed cheesy at first but ended up been a excellent and very challenging game.but shame i will now be passing on it because of the always online shit and that only. If they ever change the always online i will pick it up.

Cy330d ago

Can't possibly be worse than the pile of abortion leftovers that was Rising.

Venox2008330d ago

Too bad for you.. Rising is one of my favourite hack n slashers

milohighclub328d ago

Would be epic af if sony turned around and blocked it from launching on ps4