Is Capcom Up To Something By Changing Resident Evil's Profile Picture To A Retro Logo Of The Game?

Capcom recently changed the profile picture of its social media pages to a retro logo of Resident Evil. Are they hinting at an update regarding the upcoming Resident Evil 2 Remake?

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zielocz3k331d ago

logo is from RE1 i think, background mansion is from RE7... zombies DLC for RE7? i hope not, i want official RE2 Remake announcement already

MADGameR330d ago

Forget about RE7 that shit's dead on arrival. Good riddance to that piece of trash abomination that WISHED it was Resident Evil but failed!

Legacy212330d ago

Game sold well and was critically praised. I think you need a new definition for failed

Toiletsteak330d ago

RE7 was fantastic but the last part was a little meh compared to the rest of the game.

SlyBoogie1993324d ago

i swear @MADGamerR comments on every Resident Evil based article just to find a way to slate RE7. If you don't like it fair enough, but it doesn't mean it's a bad game just because you wasn't pleased. Plus many people loved it, so your thoughts aren't even similar to the general opinion, so maybe keep your negativity to yourself.

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PapaBop330d ago

They already announced they were remaking RE2.. just seems to be in development limbo at the moment.

-Foxtrot331d ago

Is it finally happening? Are we going to get a proper Resident Evil game? God I'm excited for this :D

For reference they did use similar art on the UK cover for RE2

It's about time we heard more information on this. I hope if they do this like the original RE Remake and it's a huge success they will take this into account for RE8 and go back to what it's supposed to be like.

NecrumOddBoy331d ago

RE7 is a proper RE game. They did eff up huge with that trash DLC though

-Foxtrot331d ago

*looks at Resident Evil Remake*

*looks at Resident Evil 7*

naruga330d ago

RE 7 is trash of huge proportions ...end of story

slappy508330d ago

End of story because you say so? Give me a break!

IamTylerDurden1330d ago

Maybe u prefer a "proper RE game" like RE6 over RE7? I'll take RE7..

Get over the fact that RE was getting stale and it needed a shake up. RE7 was a quality game and a breath of fresh air, if u want traditional RE the way your grandpa remembered it then RE Remastered and RE2 Remastered will have u covered. Stop crying over a good game.

-Foxtrot330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

You say that like I've actually said that RE6 was a proper RE game....I didn't like RE6 either so I don't know why you've said that or where you've gotten that from.

No I won't get over anything....stop saying that shit to people on here, it's highly arrogant and it makes you look bad in the process. I won't tell you to get over something you like so why say it to people, honestly why can't someone counter point without acting like that.

You say "it's stale" when the sales of the RE Remake on PS4/Xbox One and RE0 were great despite being a 15 year old game...doesn't that say at least something? Even if it's just a little? The classic style to it was's just Capcom decided to move from that for whatever reason. It's still great to play aswell 15 years on and I'd rather take that over RE5, 6, 7, Revelations and the like.

If you honestly think it's stale then it's obvious the RE2 Remake won't be for you. Seriously I think a lot of people forget what a good RE title actually feels like since it's been so long and just took the half ass attempt of RE7 JUST because RE6 was that awful and it was a small step in the "right" direction, but it was so far off with RE6 that any direction would have been better then what we got with that. Anyway don't say it was "getting stale" when it clearly hasn't.

So no I won't "stop crying", I have right to MY opinion so why don't you in future stop crying over someones god damn opinion being different then yours. I's hard, it's tough but it's the internet, we don't all think the same. Just because it might be a "good game" does not mean it's automatically a good RE game.

I personally believe in my opinion the RE2 remake, if done right, will show people like yourself what a RE game is supposed to look like and will also show the classic gameplay can be updated for todays audience.

Jeez touchy people on'd think I had targeted your past comments and been an ass to you for no reason or something.

Tross330d ago

REmake 2 please. Barring that, how about an update on Jill. Revelations 3? Either would be acceptable to me, plus it would be great to go back and see younger Claire in a current gen coat of paint.

PhantomS42330d ago

REmake 2 news would be awesome seeing as it disappeared off the map but I would be more than happy to take Revelations 3...just please do make it episodic again, 2 was great but only after it was complete.

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bigmalky330d ago

I'm hoping it's REmake2... Other than that, I'm not sure. Maybe a remake of Resident Evil with first person mechanics?

IamTylerDurden1330d ago

More RE VR would be nice. RE7 was incredible on PSVR.

ludicrous330d ago

Remaster of the remake of the HD remaster of RE1?

Tross330d ago

Actually, that would be a remaster of the HD remaster of the remake of RE1. I'm being pedantic, I know. Actually, didn't they do that? I'll have to check the PlayStation Store. I could have sworn they did. If they haven't, that's a no-brainer.

ludicrous330d ago

Yeah I don't know, I lost track with capcom rehashing games.🤔

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