What we’re looking forward to playing on our Nintendo Switch in 2018

Games both announced and unannounced for the Nintendo Switch make 2018 an exciting prospect. What are you looking forward to playing on Nintendo's awesome little console?

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PhoenixUp304d ago

I always knew DKC: TF would get ported

strayanalog304d ago

I'm personally looking forward to the latest Donkey Kong the most, because I've never played it. The game may be a port, but it's new to me.
Next up would be Pay Day 2 and Dark Souls with a tie, but The World Ends with You is coming up fast. I'm becoming more interested in this with each passing day.‎

CocoaBrother304d ago

Tropical Freeze is an amazing platformer but be prepared because it is not an easy game, especially 1-heart mode.

strayanalog304d ago

That's wonderful news, Cocoa! If I can remember I'll let you know how it goes. Looking forward to the one-heart mode now. Thanks for the heads up.‎

SenorJepeto304d ago

Tropical Freeze is awesome!

Bandit50304d ago

i would really love to see Trials HD or a trials game on my switch .