Amazon opens preorders for Deadly Premonition: The Board Game Deluxe Edition

Amazon has opened preorders for the Deluxe Edition of Deadly Premonition: The Board Game.

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arkard372d ago

Since when is boardgame news posted on n4g? It's not on pc, ps3 or ps4

robtion372d ago

I know right. I mean I'm sure nobody who plays video games also likes boardgames right? No overlap there at all ;)

Seriously though this is based on a video game. Good place to let potential fans of the game who haven't heard about this yet know about it.

arkard372d ago

There should be a tabletop tag then..... Since there are boardgames based on Fallout, Civilization, This war of Mine, Game of Thrones etc, etc. It would be fine if the front page was filled with just board game news?

Skankinruby372d ago

This was the only xbox 360 game I had an ounce of interest in

TedCruzsTaint372d ago

Need this in my life. One of my favorite titles of the decade.

mercyblades371d ago

Damn shame Swery65 left AccessGames. I don't think they will pursue a sequel without him...?