There’s Only One Reason to Get Dark Souls Remastered on Switch

Twinfinite writes:

Dark Souls Remastered on Switch is an announcement we've been anticipating for a long time now. But here's why we're torn about it.

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solderman987d ago (Edited 987d ago )

The only reason to get it is if you like 720p 30fps and the original engine not the new DS3 one. There will be blight town slowdown I'm sure. I think 60fps is the only way to play a souls game today. Reaction time is everything.

It is not enough to just say everything is portable and it gets a free pass.

wonderfulmonkeyman987d ago

30fps is not going to make you too slow to react to the enemies.XD

indyman7777987d ago

Yeah when people want to put something down they say stuff that all the sudden is suppose to be a bad thing.

cleft5987d ago

Seriously, beside the draw of this on the Switch is the same draw of all these games on the Switch. Its the on the go aspect, which turns out is really and truly compelling. I love my Switch because I get these great games on the go.

I never thought of myself as a mobile gamer, but with the Switch I get the best of both worlds.

darthv72987d ago

Id say get DS on the switch seeing as its a DS game on the switch.

Sometimes i will get a game new to a platform despite that game being made popular by another. I like to take the road less travled.

Prince_TFK987d ago (Edited 987d ago )

What other portable device out there that can play Dark Soul? While I agree that it shouldn't get a free pass, we still don't have any other portable gaming device with the caliber of the Switch yet.

Rivitur987d ago

My nvidia shield, my vita with remote play from my pc and my phone also screen mirroring my pc. Go on try harder

StonieWylder987d ago (Edited 987d ago )

@Rivitur let's reword what he said, what other portable device can play dark souls on hardware alone and doesn't need internet connection? You're answer seems to be the go to when that's not what people mean when they ask the above question.

Go on, try harder.

WeAreLegion987d ago (Edited 987d ago )

A laptop. And it's just as portable as a Switch. Neither of them fits in a pocket.

You need a backpack for both.

What about a Surface?

StonieWylder987d ago

@WeAreLegion a laptop also doesn't fit in your hands, have a very portable detachable controller, and tends to be much more expensive (and why do you need a backpack for the switch? I can fit the console in one pocket and the controller in another, sure it's not ideal but you don't need a backpack for one lol).

TheFirstClassic987d ago

@wearelegion I carry my switch in my pocket a lot. Wouldnt want it there all day, but it aint that bad.

indyman7777987d ago

Rivitur all those setups have a delay. ALL of them, if you play Vita no delay but if you play on my 3500 dollar tv with my fast fiber optics connection there is STILL a added lag. Plus you cant get most of the CONSOLE games on the setups you mentioned. Plus the better sheild cost as much as a SWITCH and you still need something to display it on.

When I play my $2,200 gaming laptop setup with shield I can see a visible lag to my $3500 tv.

indyman7777987d ago

@WeAreLegion Did you read that somewhere? I just stood up, walked over to my entertainment center picked up my SWITCH WITHOUT even taking the joycons off I put it in my POCKET, it fit well. So, you are either a bold faced lair, or more likely you just read some fanboy hate, and repeated it as fact.

G3ng4r987d ago (Edited 987d ago )

Guy wears skinny jeans maybe.
Switch isn't the smallest portable device but it fits in your hands unlike a laptop. No sense in trying to reason with scrubby fanboys desperate enough to mirror dark souls to their vita or phone.

ocelot07987d ago

A laptop?

Ill be getting it on the switch though.

wonderfulmonkeyman987d ago (Edited 987d ago )

The shield aside, neither your phone nor your Vita play it natively; you're entirely at the mercy of your internet connection for streaming, and any glitches, lag, and disconnections that happen with them.
With Switch, that's not an issue.
And between the shield and the Switch, more people choose the Switch.

You try harder.

@ Legion
As someone who's owned multiple laptops for gaming and web surfing, none of them are as convenient for gaming on the go as Switch.
And even with an armor case, I have a pair of cargo pants that the whole thing fits into a lower leg pocket quite easily, unlike a laptop.
A laptop is not "just as portable" as the Switch.
A laptop is nowhere near as quick and easy to set up, put away, and play anywhere regardless of sitting or standing.

ABizzel1987d ago

I do t understand why people try to act like a laptop is some giant evil boulder you have to carry around. There are 11” and 13” laptops and tablets that work extremely well for light gaming. Can it fit in your pocket no, is it still portable yes. When people game they’re generally stationary so just as easy as it is just as easy to pull out a laptop and game as it is a switch, plus you get more power and a larger screen. Plus The 940m laptops are $400 - $500, which are great little devices.

That being said the switch is still a great alternative as well. Stop bashing it, and Switch fans stop downplaying alternatives.

Prince_TFK987d ago (Edited 987d ago )


How can you play Nintendo games on a laptop? That is what I wonder whenever these people say “laptop as just as portable as the Switch”. If so, why not say the PC is as good as the X1 and the PS4 considering all of them are stationary? Such a stupid way of thinking.

Plus, why try so hard to look for alternative when you already have a good system to play everything on without the hassles and the jumping through hoops? A latop, no matter how small is it, you can’t hold it in your hand. You need a separate controller. And a 11 inches laptop is not what I call portable, considering most of the fanboys here already say the Switch is too big.

As for tablet, you need to stream from internet, which itself is another hassle. And where did you get the idea that people mostly only play game stationary? You mean 70 millions people bought the 3DS to play on TV?

ABizzel1987d ago


First response above: "What other portable device out there that can play Dark Soul?"
Then changes to: "How can you play Nintendo games on a laptop?"

You literally asked what other portable device out there can play Dark Souls. That has absolutely nothing to do with Nintendo games. And for that matter a PC is just as good if not better than an Xbox or PlayStation as well, so I have no clue where you were trying to go with that, and if you don't want people responding or making suggestions, then you should have never asked the question to begin with. And if someone really wanted to get Nintendo games on there they would just emulate the GB, GBA, DS, NES, SNES, N64, GC, and Wii.

"Plus, why try so hard to look for alternatives"

You brought the entire debate up to begin with. And the Switch isn't the most portable thing either, it's about the size of a tissue box in width and height with the joycons attached, and while it can fit in a pocket, most people carry a cellphone and wallet, so adding the switch in your pocket is an unlikely event for many people. It's often carried in something.

"As for tablet, you need to stream from internet"

Absolute lies, and you don't know what you're talking about, because you're only a console gamer. The the NVIDIA Shield Tablet is a tablet that runs full games and the reason the Switch concept and design were so effortless (NVIDIA laid the entire foundation for the Switch, Nintendo already had handhelds, but the Switch is the NVIDIA Shield tablet 2), Google Pixel C is a gaming Tablet that runs full games with the same process the Switch has, the majority of the Surface Pro tablets can also game ranging from Switch to just below XBO, and the SurfaceBook is more powerful than a base PS4 up to matching XBO-X GPU power.

"And where did you get the idea that people mostly only play game stationary? You mean 70 millions people bought the 3DS to play on TV?"

Those 70m people are sitting at home, in the car, on the bus, on a train, on an airplane or otherwise stationary when they're gaming. Just like any person gaming on a laptop or tablet. And you can get any R5 or 940m laptop for around $500 to play games anywhere as well.

IamTylerDurden1986d ago

U can just remote play Bloodborne, DS2, DS3, DS1 Re (when it releases) on Vita or your phone. It's 2018, are u really ever very far from Wi Fi?

da1writer986d ago

GPD Win 2, smallest gaming laptop available :

Dark Souls Running on it -

Dark Souls 3 Running on it -

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PurpHerbison987d ago

Wait, wait, wait. Where did you read they are redoing it on the new engine? I hope that isn't the case. I just want them to fix the issues they were too lazy to fix the first time around. Not a complete overhaul. Game might just lose a whole lot of its charm if true.

indyman7777987d ago

I agree except I would replace the word Lazy with CHEAP. When you use the word cheap they like to trick people into thinking the actual programmers and artist are lazy. Those are the most hard working and passion-ed workers around.

Most executives like to take credit for things working well and pass it off to employees when it comes to unfinished or unpolished games. It's the man hours (which cost more money that executives cut)

shadowraiden987d ago

it would need a remake if they do plan to do the 60 fps as the original dark souls engine had everything tied to 30 fps its why on PC you could break the game easily if you forced it into 60 fps.

bluefox755987d ago (Edited 987d ago )

Shh! You're not allowed to do anything but praise Nintendo around here!
Of course a 30fps version of the game will be vastly inferior to a 60fps version. How is this even up for debate?

Athos987d ago

So you are admitting that all of the 30fps PS4 games are "vastly inferior" to the PC version. Finally a PS4 fanboy that speaks the truth.

bluefox755987d ago (Edited 987d ago )

@athos Yes. I am. Of course they are...
If a game is multiplat, I would almost never choose to play the PS4 version, lol. Who would choose 30fps over 60fps? Furthermore, where do you get "fanboy"? I have zero brand loyalty. If PS4 ported their exclusives to PC, I would sell my PS4 tomorrow, and never look back, lol.

Edit- It's rich that you have the audacity to call me a fanboy. After reading just a few of the comments in your history, lol.

Theknightofnights987d ago

Bluefox saying he has no brand loyalty is like saying I don't like Zelda. It's just not true.

TheOptimist987d ago

I think even the PS3/Xbox versions were 30 fps, yet millions of players completed them.... Logic much?

gangsta_red987d ago

That's the thing, I remember playing Dark Souls for 360 and having the best time. Not once did I think the game would be better at 60fps.

TheFirstClassic987d ago

The recent ones on console were 30 fps, but once the switch version is announced to be 30 fps its considered unplayable. Completely retarded, I play on pc mostly but 30 fps for a 3rd person game is fine.

Segata987d ago

Dark Souls Remaster none of them are using the DSIII engine. That was proven to be false info. Switch is 1080P docked. Also, remember when people hated the first game so much because of 30FPS? I don't.

TheFirstClassic987d ago (Edited 987d ago )

Its 1080p docked tho. 30 fps is fine for a 3rd person action game, and you dont know how blighttown will run.

30 fps is the only way to play dark souls now? Since when? Since the switch version was announced to be 30 fps??


Nintentional987d ago

What’s the fps on Bloodborne on PS4 like? Oh it’s also 30fps, yet it’s probably the best game on the PS4?? Lol

indyman7777987d ago

@solderman. We read the article Solderman we know it will be 1080p and like all games 720p in handheld mode. Stop trying to make it sound like it is 720p. 720p on a small screen has way more pexils "PER INCH" than 4k on a 55 inch tv. Oh course I'm talking per inch so dont try to twist that too.

Sirk7x987d ago (Edited 987d ago )

The game is not being remade with any new engine; That statement was retracted. So far, seems like it's just a resolution upscale until we hear more info. Also, the only console version of any Dark Souls game to run at 60 was Scholar of the First Sin.

Shineon987d ago

Bloodbourne wasent 60fps and it played fine accordingto the sony fanbase so 720p 30 should still provode a fun experiene just like it did on the very capable ps3

PikaPlayzHD987d ago

It's 1080p 30fps, do your research!
And the frame rate is confirmed to be more stable/improved on Switch as well

DarXyde987d ago

Bloodborne and Dark Souls III both target 30fps. What argument are you trying to make?

Uken12987d ago

You're a moron. First you will say Nintendo doesn't get 3rd party releases. It gets a 3rd party release and you still criticize. Maybe some people want to play it on the Switch. Maybe they like the Controller better, i know I do. Maybe it's the only system they have.

Also Dark Souls 3 barely looks better than Dark Souls. Omg some cloth movements! A little more reflection! Slightly cleaner. The difference will not be huge at all.

xX1NORM1Xx987d ago

So it was cool when dark souls 3 was 30 fps on PS4/xbox1 but now the worlds brains have changed and can't play 30 fps games anymore? I much prefer 60+ fps and I don't like dark souls so I won't be buying it but you make it seem like all of a sudden it's impossible to enjoy a 30fps game which it bullshit I've seen people play games at sub 20 fps when their pc can't handle a game they still enjoy it, multiplayer is a different issue but we are talking dark souls it's a primarily single player game and I'm sure the invasion stuff will be limited to other witch users invading your switch game who will also be locked at 30 so they won't be at a disadvantage or anything.

I'm primarily a pc gamer if it came out locked at 30 on pc I'd be mad not that I couldn't play it but that I couldn't play it how I want and that's the trade off of consoles vs pc cheap and playable vs expensive and customisable if I want to play at 4K resolution with low textures and high shadows for some reason I should be able too.

Yes I know Xbox one x and PS4 have some customisation to how you want to play sometimes but they are also getting expensive I paid £450 for an Xbox one x that's a lot more than £200 for an S or a slim PS4.

Orionsangel987d ago

The human eye can only see 24fps. You'll be fine.

SuperSonic91987d ago (Edited 987d ago )

I wanna play and appreciate the best experience not the inferior one.
Fromsoftware put their best on this game so it should be played the way it was meant to be played not a watered down version.

IamTylerDurden1986d ago (Edited 986d ago )

Just bc it can run on Switch doesn't mean it should. How many concessions are they going to make? If u want Dark Souls on the go play Salt n Sanctuary on Vita, they don't have to sell their first born so it can run either.

IamTylerDurden1986d ago

How are they even calling it Remastered on Switch when it may arguably look/run even worse than the original version? Original engine, 720p, and probably 24-25fps but it's a remaster?

TheFirstClassic986d ago

Its going to be 1080p docked. Hurr just play salt and sanctuary on vita, I have never seen this many retarded comments on one n4g thread.

CaptainObvious878986d ago

I personally like a big, bright screen, a controlled environment without any distractions, and basic features on the console I play games like DS on, which require immense focus and concentration to succeed in... but I guess I'm weird like that.

I don't see the appeal of DS on the switch at all unless you're just a casual gamer with money to waste.

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isa_scout987d ago

Reason #1 You have a Switch and want Dark Souls.

jaymacx987d ago

Enough said right there..

Toiletsteak987d ago

This guy is a fukking genius

wonderfulmonkeyman987d ago

For me, there's several:
#1 I like having more games to play on my main console despite owning several.
#2 I haven't gotten to play all the way through Dark Souls prior to this.
#3 I'm sure there's going to be some sort of exclusive content per version.
#4 I don't stress out over graphics/framerates so it being lesser on Switch doesn't bother me.

Segata987d ago

I can see them adding Link gear via amiibo to it like Skyrim.

wonderfulmonkeyman987d ago

That's what people said about a modern thing like a motorcycle popping up in a Zelda game.
Or Mario running around in a city with actual humans.
Or Bayonetta 2 [or 3 now, for that matter] coming to Nintendo consoles.

Seriously, if you think it's flat-out impossible, you haven't been paying attention.XD

Eiyuuou987d ago

Not saying it’s impossible, I just don’t see it happening with From Soft.

LoveSpuds987d ago

Agreed, Nintendo might be able to swing odd exclusive characters or costumes for first party games but this is a 3rd party title where lore is everything. I would be very surprised to find a link costume shoehorned into such a lore heavy game, personally, as a Dark Souls fan I hope they don't either.

Uken12987d ago

Did you even see From Software bringing Dark Souls to Switch?
I could totally see some exclusive Nintendo items coming to it.
Also Skyrim had exclusive items, never thought that huh?

The Master Sword alone would be awesome.

wonderfulmonkeyman987d ago (Edited 987d ago )

@ Love Spuds

As Uken pointed out, Skyrim got Zelda items in it.
Skyrim is LORE-HEAVY AS HELL, and they still managed to squeeze in a good reference item or three.

You can't honestly tell me that the giant evil-looking greatswords Ganon uses in Hyrule Warriors, or a costume that dresses you up to look like the skeletal demonic Phantom Ganon, wouldn't work in a game as grim-dark as Dark Souls.
I won't even take you seriously if you try to tell me stuff like that wouldn't fit in just fine with the visual styles that Dark Souls uses.XD

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coolastheycome987d ago

Never been able to tell the difference between 30 fps and 60fps.

Old McGroin987d ago

Same here. It's just another weapon for fanboys to use against each other as far as I'm concerned.

Krysis987d ago

This is top 10 one of the dumbest things I've read this week.

Sgt_Slaughter987d ago

If we ever have a worst comment award, this is a nomination for 2018's

bluefox755987d ago (Edited 987d ago )

You need to get your eyes checked. It's noticeably smoother. Here, watch it on youtube (make sure you set it to 1080p/60fps).
And seriously, not trying to be mean, if you can't tell the difference, you may need to get your eyes checked.

bluefox755987d ago

When watching the video, look at the trees in the background (this was suggested by someone in the comments). Try and tell me you don't see a difference...

michellelynn0976987d ago

Grow up. Most people can't. They are right. It is for fanboys who just want to obsess over tech. If you can't handle 30fps. Don't play Bloodborne or 85% of the other ps4 games that run at 30fps. Just play a high end pc.

bluefox755987d ago (Edited 987d ago )

@michellelynn "Most people can't"?
Any evidence to back up this ridiculous claim? Or are you just going to get emotional like every other loyalist? Try watching the video I posted. I bet you can tell the difference too. You might have to take off your loyalist goggles first though.
"Don't play Bloodborne"
I didn't say you can't enjoy a game at 30fps. Some of my favorite games of all time are 30fps. I said it's completely ridiculous to assert that there is no difference, or that "most people can't see the difference". Bloodborne was great. It would have been even better @ 60fps. Finally, you don't need a "high end PC" to play games at 60 fps. Quit getting so defensive, it makes you look like a fanboy.

michellelynn0976987d ago

Get emotional? Loyalist? Lol pot meets kettle. You just come out and insult someone. Not emotional at all. Lulz

bluefox755987d ago

@michelle I don't understand what you're trying to tell me by posting a link without any context...
I do have a question for you though...why is it that you think that Nintendo chose to develop nearly every Mario game, the biggest video game franchise in the world, at 60fps? If it doesn't matter, and people can't see the difference...then why would they bother???