[Editorial] Hyrule Warriors on Switch Needs the Champions of Breath of the Wild!

If Good Things really do come in threes than the latest instalment of Hyrule Warriors should be an absolute beast!

In 2014, the Wii U saw the release of Hyrule Warriors and for a game that was first hated because no one wanted to see Link go from Zelda to Warriors, it soon came to the Nintendo 3DS and New 3DS under the added name of Legends and now in 2018, a definitive edition is coming to the Nintendo Switch and it has me very conflicted. I was most definitely not expecting it to get revealed via a Nintendo Direct Mini and although I was greatly excited to see it be shown off, as I had hoped a port might happen now that Fire Emblem Warriors is out, I actually felt a little gutted it wasn’t a Hyrule Warriors 2 being shown off...

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