A familiar God of War release date appears

From PlayStation Universe: "Could we be Loki enough to see Kratos return on a Thor's Day in March? It's starting to look increasingly likely that a timely release date is on the cards."

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RememberThe357339d ago

Been the most likely date all along. Release the reboot on the same day the original released, why not?

UCForce339d ago

Besides, Thursday is Thor.

FallenAngel1984340d ago

March seems like the most likely time to release this

PhoenixUp340d ago

I just found out Thursday was named after Thor

stokedAF339d ago

Wednesday is Odin’s day (not Odin but one of his many other names, Wotan maybe) and Friday is Frigg’s day. There is another one named after a god but I forget it. I don’t think this has anything to do with the release date but it is a fun fact.

RevXM339d ago

In Norway wednesday is Onsdag (Short for Odins day perhaps). Torsdag (Obviously thor).
These are some kind of remnants of our viking past when we still use some form of their words for things although modern norwegian doesnt sound too much like old norse. icelandic is probably closer to the old norse language though, but I dont know for sure. maybe some icelandic people on here can shed some light on this.

stokedAF339d ago

That’s probably it, Wednesday is just English lol. I went back to the book where I read that because I was irritated trying to remember.

“In English, the gods have left their names in our days of the week. You can find Tyr (Odin’s son), Odin, Thor, and Frigg, the queen of the gods, in, respectively, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.”

I’m pretty sure Sunday and Monday are also Norse. Saturday is the only one that isn’t I believe.

PhantomS42340d ago

Thursday would be an extremely odd day. Games are generally released on Tuesdays or Fridays are starting to become a big day for releases.

UCForce340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

You know Thursday is Thor, right ? It’s base on Norse God.

zivtheawesome340d ago

while that is true...
1) as other's have said: thursday -> thor's day, makes perfect sense for their marketing.
2) the original GoW also released on march 22nd (with almost all GoW games releasing in march anyway) so releasing this on the anniversary of the first GoW also makes sense.

PhantomS42340d ago

Yeah terrible pun, got it not worth a pat on the back.

G20WLY339d ago

^Phantom, it's not a pun; Thursday literally means 'Thor's day' in old English.

I'm certainly not claiming I knew that before now either, but this is why it makes a nice fit - the marketing just rolls off the back of this fact.

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The story is too old to be commented.