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Xbox One ‘Duke’ Controller Gets Release Window, Phil Spencer’s Seal of Approval

Anybody who was an initial adopter of the original Xbox seventeen years ago (has it really been that long; well we feel old) knows the glory of the console’s original controller. Not meant to be played by somebody with puny hands like other consoles, the Duke’s girth had a commanding presence not felt in hardware before or since. Sadly, its reign was all too short, quickly replaced by the more manageable “Controller S” that is still the basis for the Xbox controller today.

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SCW1982277d ago

Couldn't get a picture of an actual Duke?

lxeasy277d ago

Oh I remember the duke controller lol

kdmitchell_toh277d ago

I have no idea why they're bringing this back. Most Xbox owners hated this controller. So much that we got the Xbox S controller to replace it. Eh, nostalgia is strong it seems.

343_Guilty_Spark277d ago

Cause there is a demand for it by people with larger hands

darthv72277d ago

The S was released to appeal to the JP market because it was designed smaller. The Duke is still a good controller and is certainly comfortable to hold for people with large hands (myself included)

343_Guilty_Spark277d ago

Kd do you have exceptionally small hands


LARGE HANDS FOR THE WIN! haters gonna hate.

PUBG277d ago

People with small hands always gotta be putting out that hate!

WeebLord277d ago

It was always the lack of a L1 and R1 (LB/RB) on the original Xbox controllers that got me. Who on earth thought the white and black buttons was a good idea? Especially with the Dual Shock being a thing for years.

UnHoly_One277d ago

I’m thinking it was just an attempt to be different.

TheCommentator276d ago

Anyone who ever used a Genesis 6 button controller for fighting games.

adonisisfree277d ago

The OG cotroller was actually badass. The S controller was made to appeal to a larger audience.

DarXyde277d ago

It was honestly a bad controller. Microsoft has definitely learned from that monstrosity. Xbox 360 and Xbox One have fantastic controllers.

One of my biggest issues with Duke was playing games that had you holding down the face buttons for pressure sensitive titles (Need for Speed Underground, if I recall). They did not feel good. At all.

bluefox755277d ago

The only thing they are able to do that gets positive attention anymore is appeal to nostalgia.

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neocores8055277d ago

... IDK why would want this. Its so ugly...

TheColbertinator277d ago

My hands hurt thinking of that thing. My hands are large but playing anything besides a shooter or racing game was a hassle.

PUBG277d ago

Your hands were probably pretty small back then, but you've grown up, so you should do ok.

TheColbertinator277d ago

About the same as now since I still have the Duke in my storage.

The S controller from back then is still my favorite.

awdevoftw277d ago

This controller is getting more hype than their games.

276d ago
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