Rumor: 'South Park: The Fractured But Whole' Coming To Nintendo Switch

The latest 'South Park' title could be making its way onto Nintendo Switch this March, per a popular Austrailian retail chain.

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indyman7777276d ago

Yeah, this kinda makes sense. With 3DS games (looooots of rpg's) coming to SWITCH they realized that it will be a go to machine for RPG's. Well this is a good chance to start a following on that machine.

strayanalog277d ago

I finally got to play this game a month or so ago, and I gotta admit I would purchase it for Switch if given the opportunity.

DJK1NG_Gaming277d ago

Well the engine does work perfectly with Switch.

DillyDilly277d ago

Now bring The Stick Of Truth

indyman7777276d ago

ummmm.....I bought that game and it is not anywhere near as good as the fractured butt hole....err I mean but whole. It is still stock in my try to give a third chance line.

CorndogBurglar276d ago

Stick of Truth is awesome. I have Fractured But Whole and havent played it yet, so I cant compare. But SoT is a great game.

Akarogg 276d ago

No Stick of Truth is better

LordofYogurt277d ago

This would be perfect on the Switch

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The story is too old to be commented.