6 Games That Could Justify The Xbox One X In 2018

The Xbox One X is still one of the biggest stories in gaming hardware for 2018, and Microsoft could be in for a tough year as it tries to make its argument for beefy graphics against Sony's impressive suite of exclusive games.

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MegamanXXX283d ago (Edited 283d ago )

Cyberpunk 2077 isn't coming out this year. I still think RDR2 will sell more on PS4 because of the install base. It's going to come down to Microsoft exclusives to justify the One X.

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Aceman18282d ago

If RDR2 has online like part 1 I'll be buying on Pro to play with friends. SoT, SoD2 I've no interest in and CD3 looked supremely underwhelming at last E3.

They need to show me a lot to justify that console.

Aceman18281d ago (Edited 281d ago )


Pretty damn stupid to assume I care about a game like lawbreakers. I dont care about any of these shooters, and right now I'm playing Persona 5.

Last time I played on xb1 was when QB was out. It was such a disappointing game I ended up selling my console to a friend. Like I said M$ needs to show me games I would actually care about that would make me spend 500 on that system.

Always find it funny how M$ fannies claim Sony fans are the worst, but M$ fannies constantly sound like cult followers lol.

bluefox755282d ago

No multiplat is going to justify the X anyway. The fact that they're listing multiplats in the first place shines a light on the Xbox problem.

TankCrossing282d ago

Any multiplatform game with Dolby Atmos justifies it. Unless you're genuinely satisfied with the One S?

81BX282d ago

Sea of thieves, crack down 3, state of decay 2, pubg update new map, forza, far cry, red dead... fml no games

glenn1979281d ago

Even I'm Xbox fan (because of Halo of course hehe) I agreed with your comment, they need to have some good IP or it doesn't matter if they have the most powerful console, this year will be massive for the PS4 for sure we know what they would be release this year and its awesome, I'm will buy an PS4 pro this year for sure to much good gaming to be left out

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Enjoigamin282d ago ShowReplies(1)
Kribwalker282d ago

the head and shoulders above, best console version of 90% of the games released alone is reason to own an X. Forza Horizon 4, the follow up to the highest rated exclusive racer of the Gen is another great reason. Add in the best exclusive shooters out there and you have yourself a great piece of hardware

trooper_281d ago

Uh, no.

First of all, Forza didn't sell for a game with a high rating and second of all, not everyone likes shooters.

That's a pathetic reason to justify $500.00.

Kribwalker281d ago

far less people enjoy jrpg’s and souls style games, as can be seen by sales numbers compared to shooters sales numbers, yet you guys consistently use those as reasons to buy PS4s....... And Forza Horizon 3 sold 2.6 million in the first 3 months and continued to sell well last year, so???

Christopher280d ago

***far less people enjoy jrpg’s and souls style games***

You're right that Forza is selling well enough or they wouldn't make it. But, I didn't know 1m+ sellers are being discredited here as selling poorly at all. Especially souls series games which sell more than 1m on PC alone.

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MegaMohsi283d ago

Great 3 multi-plats and 2 of them I highly doubt will be releasing in 2018 (Tomb Raider and Cyberpunk 2077)

MegamanXXX283d ago

If Tomb Raider comes out this year the PC version will be the best version assuming you have a midrange to high end PC of course. Crackdown 3 and Sea of Thieves will justify the One X this year.

morganfell282d ago

You might as well say Sea of Thieves and Crackdown justify a high end PC. X1X supporters are just splitting hairs trying to say there is a certain amount of money that is permissible to spend to get the best (even though you are not getting the best) image quality but you cannot go beyond that point.


Image quality either matters to you above all else or it doesn't. 99.99% of the time it is simply certain persons seeking a finger hold on the cliff face that will give them a moment's respite to feel better about being an ardent MS supporter after getting played so hard year after year by a company that still doesn't understand what matters in gaming.

Enjoigamin282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

@morgan i just bought a $1200 gaming laptop....X looks better for 500 dollars sorry to burst your bubble .... I bought 4 ps4 games in 2017. All amazing games though....but just as my opinion doesn't matter to you ...your opinion defiantly doesn't matter to me. and PUBG has what 2+ million players since a month ago?( i dont even like or own PUBG) how is that not gaming? 2 million people vs your opinion (you must be right MS lost their way) Sony hasn't had a fun multiplayer game since Killzone or MAG in my opinion..excellent SP games but they lost their way MP

morganfell282d ago


Thank you for proving my point. Were you so unable to comprehend the point of my post that you accidentally wound up reinforcing my view or do you secretly agree with me. If image quality really is so important you do not think twice about the price. If it matters so much you can't play a 1080p game and it just has to be 4k then why are you on a X1X in the first place.

What does price have to do with the cost of tea in China when image quality matters more than anything else? 4K seems to be all they care about.

This is a basic fact you are missing. X1X supporters scream about the best yet here comes a PC like mine running ROG Strix GTX 1080ti cards and it simply runs over the X1X. The excuse? Well look what you paid. Oh, so now image quality can only be bragged about when the price is low enough. Who decides what price is acceptable? I'll tell you who. People with no exclusive games trying to make themselves feel better about their purchase of a machine that can't keep up with the PS4 when it comes to image quality.

You either play games because they are fun or you count pixels. I can't ever recall in decades of gaming where I stopped playing a game I was enjoying to check the resolution. And remember, the X1 X isn't even a true 4K machine. We have already seen titles where it could not hold that. Want to also talk framerates?

And no, I do not award the slightest weight to your opinion. It has been my experience that someone that punctuates their remarks by calling other forum visits kid or son are themselves usually adolescents.

FinalFantasyFanatic282d ago (Edited 282d ago )


Why did you buy a gaming laptop when a desktop would be cheaper and give you more (it's a bad comparison)? I find it hard to justify a gaming laptop to anyone, they're way over priced.

As for xbox exclusives, I'll enjoy them on my pc, although I don't want Sea Of Thieves or Crackdown.

TankCrossing282d ago

"What does price have to do with the cost of tea in China when image quality matters more than anything else? 4K seems to be all they care about."

Well.... It is the amount you have to pay to get it. That seems astoundingly obvious, but I'm not gonna judge you.

343_Guilty_Spark282d ago

If the $500 X can achieve 97% of the image quality of a $1200 PC...guess which one I’m getting.

Enjoigamin282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

@morgan no one can tell anyone what price is justifiable...thats all personal man. Just like I bought a 600 dollars ps3 back in the day. Just like I bought a pro. Just like I bought a X. I like to have the best of the best. How is that so hard to comprehend? no ni and neir are on ps and pc so those are not true exclusives but personally ill never play them on pc because they (feel/play) better on PS. So your right its not always which looks the best (but most of the time yes) its what feels the best to me. But i bought a pro/X to make my games look better because I want the best out of my money that I spent on my 4kTV. and my laptop is only full hd 1080p (so i am wrong to even compare the X with my laptop that's my bad) yes you are right its not always about 4k for me.

@Final Fantastic be honest my last laptop was from 2002 for work and it crapped out ....but basically I travel alot. And to be honest not much goin on with pc games as far as exclusives im a bit disappointed in that. besides stepping into my old days with counterstrike.....and pc exclusives recommendations? im open ears (eyes*)

morganfell281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

"no one can tell anyone what price is justifiable...thats all personal man."

Thanks. ha ha, thanks a lot. Again you reinforce my point. Thank you twice. This is what I have been stating here and elsewhere. If the very best image quality is all that matters then you get the best. Acting like there is a price limit to what you can spend, to what is justifiable is a laughable imposition imagined by people trying too brag about their 4k (sometimes and not always 4K) console. X1X supporters along with Xbox fans that do not even have an X1 act like you can spend $500 for high quality but anything beyond that dollar amount is wrong and not worth it. What happens when the PS5 comes out and if it is $499 and the X1X drops to $399 is $399 now suddenly the price limit? Utterly ridiculous.

So thanks again for being on my side.

"If the $500 X can achieve 97% of the image quality of a $1200 PC...guess which one I’m getting."

But it can't. Anyone that has a high end PC knows this. It's like Xbox supporters, many that do not have an X1X, bragging over 1800p in The Evil Within 2 at 30fps when high end PCs run the game at true 4k at over 60fps. Is that 97%? Not according to the math I learned. Better hold on to what you have now because when counting pixels is all that matter, count those frames too and as the days and weeks go by the ability of the X1X to produce a percentage of PC image quality will fade because games do not slow down in their quality advancement. I personally have a very fast PC but think there are things far more important than resolution when it comes to games. But this is the hill you have chosen to fight your battle on so enjoy the few moments you have left to boast about multiplatform game performance while ignoring PCs.

Brian7655492281d ago

Why would someone brag about having a PC with dual ROG Strix GTX 1080ti cards and then argue against counting pixels for a game console?

If Microsoft does want to build on this momentum they have had since the Xbox One X launched they need to have a steady supply of announcements throughout the year, not just E3. Those announcements could be the way of Nintendo and Direct videos they do, or host more shows like Sony does. I understand Microsoft wants to reveal games closer to release so hopefully they have a bunch of stuff they are working on because the last couple of years have been very barren.

FinalFantasyFanatic280d ago (Edited 280d ago )


I normally use my PC for multi-plats, it's hard to make recommendations to you without knowing what genres you prefer. There's plenty of RTS games that are exclusive to PC for obvious reasons.

I just finished Wolfenstein 2, Evil Within 2 and starting Quantum Break now. I managed Evil Within 2 at 1440p with about 90fps on average, I suspect it could have been more, but it's obviously not a good port. I'll probably play Get Even after I finish that one. PC does get alot of exclusives, but you have to sift through so much shovelware on Steam to reach any of the good ones.

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343_Guilty_Spark282d ago

What PC will you be plying Halo 5 on?

MegamanXXX282d ago

Not a fan of Halo since Halo 2

snoopgg282d ago

Halo sucks, never liked it.

FallenAngel1984283d ago

It’s almost like people are trying to forget the base Xbox One still exists

MegamanXXX283d ago

I totally agree with you on that

jixasewiy281d ago

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xX-oldboy-Xx282d ago

They are, shameful from MS.

Enjoigamin282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

it called technology you knucklehead it advances and the old shit gets left behind....its the way the world works....just like sony forgetting about BC and the past games. i bought a PRO compared to the OG ps4 ....i should of saved my money cause all it did for me is make my living room sound like a jet engine.

nitus10282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

Backwards compatibility (BC) is a console seller only at the start of the generation. Both Microsoft and Sony said that their XB1 and PS4 respectively prior to their introduction will not support BC although Microsoft did introduce BC two years later. Of course, by that time BC on the XB1 became a nice value-added feature but not a must-have or a console seller.

Even when Microsoft did bring out a form of BC for the XB1 this did not translate into improved sales.

BTW. If your PS4pro or any PS4 sounds like a jet engine I suggest you seriously consider cleaning or servicing the console since a loud fan noise is an indication of overheating.

My PS4 which I purchased over two years and play regularly (two to three hours a day) is still whisper quiet and It is sitting next to my PC monitor on my desk so it is within less than one meter from my ears (I also have very good hearing).

Hint: Never ever put a console on the floor it is better to put it on a table or cabinet next to your monitor or TV.

343_Guilty_Spark282d ago

PS4 Pro sounds like a jet engine due to the fan size used and the limited ventilation

343_Guilty_Spark282d ago

That’s why Sony only shows trailers for games on the PS4 Pro hardware.

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Elda282d ago

Nothing on that list will justify the XBOX plain & simple.

343_Guilty_Spark282d ago

Not for someone who hates Xbox already.

Elda282d ago

Hate has nothing to do with it. It has no games including any that interest me.

Elda282d ago

Evidently you did seeing you responded...LMAO!!

HollowKnight281d ago

I have three Xbox's. one,one S,X and I have yet to see a game worth playing on the X.

Kribwalker281d ago

judging from your comment history it in no way surprises me you feel this way

ShinnokDrako282d ago

Forbes... this time i DIDN'T click ;) And i won't... and form the title: nothing justify that console, yet.

nitus10282d ago

Good point.

I see "" and don't click.