Opinion: Why It’s The Right Thing To Do Remasters on Switch

Look son - remasters, remasters anywhere!

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Nerdmaster372d ago (Edited 372d ago )

Wii U had so many great games that no one played, simply because no one had a Wii U. They do deserve a second chance. I, for one, got really happy that Bayonetta 2 (aka "the best hack'n slash ever") will have the chance to reach a broader audience. Although I do wish Nintendo gave a discount on remasters for people who had the original Wii U versions... It would be a great way of thanking the fans who supported them even in one of their worst moments.

3-4-5372d ago

* Wii U has about 15-20 games really worth playing.

Those games will most likely find their way to Switch and should, as they are good games that I would recommend anyone trying out.

They aren't porting trash games.....these are of good quality. There is a difference.