Why you should play Sniper Elite 4 from your Backlog

Sniper Elite 4 is a real AAA experience for all the right reasons. It remains to be seen how popular the multiplayer modes will be and whether it will keep its audience interested, and with some really heavy hitting multiplayer games like For Honor coming out soon, it will have to be something special. However, the single player mode alone makes Sniper Elite 4 worthy a purchase both for any fans of the series and adrenaline junkies alike.

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Hardiman372d ago

I'm in that camp but I just have so many games in my backlog LOL. Hopefully the PS5 is backwards compatible!

crazychris4124372d ago

I played the 3rd game with the X Ray Cam set to play on almost every kill, never got old. Have too big of a backlog and really trying to save towards new GPU and monitors.

stokedAF372d ago

So close to buying this during the holiday sale. I might pick this up when it’s 20 dollars again.