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Is This the Beginning of the End of eSports?

Thanks to Blizzard esports have finally hit the big-time, but will it last or fizzle out? Could this help propel esports into the mainstream?

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Community332d ago
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Cyro331d ago

Thanks to Blizzard? lmao.

Anthotis331d ago

If the creature in the image is anything to go by, then yes. It's done.

ballisticvoodoo331d ago

If you think that woman is hot then you need to get out more

PapaBop331d ago

^^^ That's ironic as I'd say it's the exact opposite, if you don't think that woman is attractive, you need to get out more and stop whacking off to porn so much. It's a bad picture in terms of attractiveness for sure but she's clearly a very attractive woman.

AnubisG331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

You haven't been keeping up with the happenings of the last few years have you?

That girl looks like the typical white man hating left wing liberal feminist with the typical victim mentallity. These people destroy everything they touch. They are rotten to the core and evil beyond belif. They don't care about anyone else other than themselves.

It is not wise to judge a book by it's cover, however that girl in that picture embodies that evil, racist, hateful movement that is poisoning the world in the last few years turning women against man.

Whoever finds this attractive, actually needs to stop watching porn. Normal, sane women don't color their hair pink and scream like a metally challanged nutcase. Changing your hair color by the way to an extreme color like this is also a sign of a mental disorder and it's not fashonable or cool or anything like that. It is a sign that there is something wrong with that person mentally. If anyone finds this attractive, than you probably have mental issues yourself.

Hope that this clears it up.

bluefox755331d ago

I can't speak for him, but personally, pink hair is not only unattractive, but a huge red flag.

JackBNimble331d ago

What does that horse face have to do with anyways?
Is the story based around her?

No, I didn't read the article....

Anthropophagic330d ago

And looking at all these lovely replies...

"bit of a minger"
"If you think that woman is hot then you need to get out more"
"she's clearly a very attractive woman"
"That girl looks..." ... "Whoever finds this attractive, actually needs to stop watching porn"

So, the general consensus is that "The beginning of the end of eSports" could be determined by a gamer's looks?

Because the stereotypical overweight basement dwelling man-child is it's savior?

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Universal 08331d ago

Why? You afraid a girl could kick your butt in esports?

mafiahajeri331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

Oh look, its a white knight that would probably let a girl beat him in a random game, so he could hook up with her... Only for him to be rejected 😆🤣

Not everything has to do with "girl power" buddy... So when a girl gets dissed then its immediately a guy vs girl thing? Lol, cucks everywhere xD

Gotta love male feminists 😁

bluefox755331d ago

This won't make girls sleep with you...

stokedAF331d ago

Evolution fighting tournament > Esports

Weeblordbad331d ago

I play a lot of Dota 2, so in my mind The International is the greater of the tournaments. Is it fact? No it's all subjective and based on personal preferences.

stokedAF331d ago

To be completely honest I don't even know what dota is. I have heard of it but I have never seen it in action. The dwarfing prize purse alone probably makes it more interesting for some and I can understand that. Does Evo even have a money prize lol? It's just like bragging rights, right? I play fighting games but I'm nowhere near as reactive or mechanically creative as those guys so the techniques are interesting to me. I would rather play a shooter than watch a good shooter player play for money.

Segata331d ago

Dota 2 isn't a real game yo. It's just a cash vacuum.

ShadowWolf712331d ago

Evo comes with a cash prize as well as likely sponsorship deals that can net you a pretty penny.

stokedAF331d ago

That’s cool, I thought it was just the trophy.

PapaBop331d ago

Evo Japan might not include a cash prize, something to do with Japanese gambling laws.

mafiahajeri331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

If you don't know what Dota is maybe this will help...

I tend to agree based on the fact that it's 1vs1. You have no team to carry you and if you mess up it's on you...

Plus the level of skill is just insane. I would guess it would be much harder to make it in the fighting game scene then in the Dota scene. I have more respect for fighting game pros because of their dedication. A lot of them are not sponsored in the beginning and travel around the world on their own expense.

You also have pros that are amazing in more then one game. Which is not the case in MOBAs.

They're both amazing scenes though, with amazing players.

OT: If chess is an Olympic sport, then games should have their spot at the Olympics. Only then will games be taken seriously as a sport. I can see a league based system akin to football working with games like DOTA.

PapaBop331d ago

Hear Hear! I much prefer FGC events, they're loud and proud of what they are as opposed to trying so hard to legitimise themselves as a sport. The production values of Overwatch League is great and all but too much time is spent waffling on about the teams as opposed to showing games.

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Weeblordbad331d ago

Esports has been around for what 20 years now? The whole thing has only grown with time and the viewership on things like Twitch kinda bears that out. This isn't like the NHL trying to gather a stronger image in the US, the people who watch professional gamers aren't going to choose to watch Evo or The International on ESPN when a streams available or in Dota's case can be watched from within the client. They're also a group that has the potential to grow as more people grow up and aren't weirded out by the idea of watching someone else play a video game.

What's going to be more interesting is what's going to die, and what's going to live on a game by game basis. Seven years ago I would have said Starcraft was unassailable, now it doesn't even exist. Counter Strike as a spectator friendly thing seemed to be dying, but has now come back even stronger than maybe 2002-2004. Overwatch, League of Legends, Rainbow Six Siege, Counter Strike, Dota 2, Street Fighter which ones will survive, thrive or die is a more interesting story in my mind.

Esports isn't going anywhere, it just may resemble something else entirely when all is said and done. It's not like Evo, LCS or The International even resemble something like early Quakecons or Dreamhacks.

Perjoss331d ago

Agreed, as long as video games exist gamers will want to watch highly skilled players go up against each other.

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