The Ghost and the Switch

Accountability. Without it, my credibility as a writer and, dare I say, a journalist, is left with an aura of decay. That festering cloud will continue to rot and grow until I’m little more than a tabloid artist, spinning improbable tales for the bored and the unemployed. It’s not a future I want for myself, and so I aim to hold myself accountable for my actions, thoughts, and words.

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strayanalog277d ago

Sucks to be wrong, sure, but when you're in that state of mind it can be great in certain cases, especially in this one.‎
There's no room for pessimism in gaming journalism and I'm glad you learned that. Some never do, sadly.
From one "retired" games journalist to another, remain as neutral as possible, an open mind let's say, be patient, and (like you said) accountable‎. Great job, Ghost, and good luck.

TheGamersGhost277d ago

This is true. Just glad my negativity towards it wasn't one of the many things I ranted about last year.

3-4-5276d ago

It's much easier to write negative things or be negative in general in life. Good to hear you learned something from this. Solid write up.

TheGamersGhost276d ago (Edited 276d ago )

Thank you! It’s always nice to find yourself seeing things from a different perspective.