Revealed: The best-selling UK boxed games of 2017

As always, Call of Duty and FIFA dominate. But there are a few surprises, too

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Nyxus283d ago (Edited 283d ago )

"In terms of exclusive games in the charts, it was dominated by PS4. Crash Bandicoot: N.Sane Trilogy is at No.6, Gran Turismo Sport at No.8 and Horizon: Zero Dawn at No.10."

uptownsoul283d ago (Edited 283d ago )

Congrats to Sony on having a console that can play all of the UK's Top 10 best selling games of 2017.

Obscure_Observer283d ago (Edited 283d ago )

Congrats Sony! I´m impressed! The REMASTERED Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy a third party exclusive, manages to outsell Gran Turismo Sport, Horizon Zero Dawn and Uncharted Lost Legacy! O.o

And fanboys on NG4 says that PS4 gamers don´t care about old games. Yeah... right.

That said, i hope Microsoft is taking notes of the importance of exclusives. Not only by the great performance of Sony and Nintendo´s exclusive games but also by the performance of their own exlclusives!

2016 ´s Forza Horizon 3 for Xbox One sits at 13th and outsold Forza Motorsport 7 AND Zelda AND Uncharted Lost Legacy! O.o

There´s no doubt that Forza Horizon is currently the greatest and biggest racing franchise! I´m sure that Forza Horizon 4 will claim a sweet spot among the top 10 best selling uk games in 2018! :)

UCForce283d ago

Well look at that, three exclusive games stayed at Top 10 are PS4 Exclusive.

Sonic_Vs_Mario283d ago (Edited 283d ago )

On Black Friday Gran Turismo Sports was priced at £15 in UK

Ukgamer283d ago

I haven't bought a boxed game in years I just sit on my lazy arse and buy digital.

uptownsoul282d ago

Thats cool. However, I don't think your lack of physical purchases would have changed the yearly order.