Why Have Gaming Fans Become so Crazy Over News Updates?

— Nintendo Enthusiast:

Prior to today's 'surprise' Mini Direct, the Nintendo fan community was in meltdown mode. Nintendo was deliberately keeping silent on the matter, choosing to cheekily torture its fans instead. This whole situation got me wondering: why is it that gamers have become so gung-ho about constant news updates?

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strayanalog276d ago

Gamers have wanted constant updates since the first fan. We all want to know what's around the corner, so the "meltdown" has always been there. It is not necessarily greed that you're seeing, but rather a social generation whose voice is amplified with the internet.
I think constant feedback is an important factor today, because the cost of making the product is so high. As for news updates, I don't care whether it is the traditional bimonthly or the digital constant, the real enemy remains revealing something too soon, at least for me.