The Star Wars Battlefront II Developer Who Treats Fans Right

From GameWatcher: "Yesterday, January 10th, EA and/or Disney finally lifted the mandate of silence on Battlefront II, and developers have taken to answering fans questions on social media (and by that I mean Twitter).

Amid the sea of negativity and cookie-cutter boring PR responses surrounding the project, the replies of one developer stand out like a refreshing beacon of adorkable nerdiness."

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PapaBop304d ago

It must really suck for dice right now, sounds like typical soulless EA though, instead of trying to mend bridges in the wake of controversy, just order complete and total silence and hope it all blows away. Nice to see someone at dice is trying to do their job though, hope the higher ups at EA don't give him shit for it.

Palitera304d ago

Good cop, bad cop.

And the idiots fall like children.

OB1Biker304d ago (Edited 304d ago )

or people too easily influenced by what gaming journalists tell them to feel. Spinning Good feel / bad feel...
I think the ones who get it are gamers not taking everything so seriously and respecting the devs

Palitera304d ago (Edited 304d ago )

So you believe EA are the "evil illuminatis" and DICE are the "righteous trapped knights"?
It is not about respect, it is about knowing this is a business and they are acting accordingly. All the image they are passing about this or that company is carefully built by dozens of specialists.
Yet "the community" thinks DICE, who designed and balanced the microtransactions, are victims on this.

staticall304d ago

"""Treats right""" and """answering&qu ot;"" questions. Feels more like shitposting and empty promises.