Sony Patents Possible New PSVR Controller

Can it be true? Well, it looks like Sony has filed a patent for a new type of Move Controller. Could this be what we are hoping for or for something else entirely?

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Neonridr283d ago

I hope so, the Move controllers are not great tech for VR. I wonder how the controller will be registered for tracking? I don't think the PSVR camera can pick up LED light emitters like on the Rift or Vive controllers.

Magnetar283d ago (Edited 283d ago )

Same here, they need something with joysticks and the tracking is so far behind the vive and rift. I’m sure next gen they’ll be using something different so light sources don’t mess with it.

nitus10282d ago

If you need a joystick then you can always purchase the "Navigator" it is relatively cheap It always amazes me that few people seem to know about this peripheral although you can use a dual shock controller instead.

The problem of using a dual shock controller instead of the "Navigator when using the PSMove should be obvious (try holding the dual shock in your left hand only if you don't believe me). Of course, the game you are playing with the PSMove should also support the "Navigator" otherwise the peripheral is useless.

Neonridr281d ago

@nitus10 - well the aim controller has a built in navigator, so that doesn't bother me as much as the tracking being subpar due to the camera and the fact there is only one of them.

Venox2008283d ago

Move controllers are alright when you set up your ps camera properly..analog sticks is what is needed for them..hopefully we will get moves with analogs on this gen of PSVR

kneon282d ago

I never understood why they had the separate nav controller without the ball rather than have the stick integrated into the Move controller. Had they done that it would have solved many issues.

G20WLY282d ago

I never have tracking issues either. Just followed the set up instructions and set the camera up high pointing down at me. Never tweaked it for any game. I just dim the lights, switch on and enjoy.

Agree with everyone else regarding sticks though. That's an oversight that should be EASY to resolve, you'd think?

But, if you're going to make new controllers, why not take it further and incorporate the refinements the tech has seen since then? Go the whole hog! I'd like something fresher and cooler than 'Moves with a stick'... Though I'd totally buy those if that's what we're given, as it's a big factor in standardising control schemes in VR.

Neonridr281d ago

they are fine until you spin around 180 degrees. The only drawback to the PSVR is the one camera. It's fine when you are always facing foward. But some games encourage you to spin around, and that's when issues crop up.

Apocalypse Shadow283d ago (Edited 283d ago )

Interesting design patent. With Sony keeping the shape in a way that still represents a gun, bat, bar, sword hilt, racket handle, etc. I can see something like this with tweaks in ergonomics.

Still surprising that Sony doesn't just adapt the current controller with something. What's the point of having that **extra port** at the bottom of move if you don't "add" to it. It's not like it doesn't have direct access to the move motherboard /s...well. ..anyway...

Sony has created many patents based on move design like the breakaway controllers.
Figures 12 and 13A from the top patent pictures look mighty interesting and doable.

Let's see what they end up doing in the future.

Einhander1971283d ago

Let's hope so, will be buying straight away. E3 might be the place for more PSVR goodness:)

mkis007283d ago

Move with analog sticks would take skyrim VR next level. As it is I love all the games that use the aim controller. Teleporting break immersion

radiantmind13282d ago

you don't need analog sticks for full locomotion in Skyrim. But I agree, analog sticks would be great.

welly300282d ago

One of the many the reasons i got rid of my psvr....

T2X282d ago

If you ever really had one.

welly300282d ago

Warning fanboy defence... just cos i criticise i didnt own one lol

G20WLY282d ago

Many reasons? Indulge me.. 🤔

welly300282d ago

Cables, fogging of lenses, tracking, room to bright, uncomfortable for me because of specs ds4 was fine to use move cons crap.I enjoyed my time with vr but found it a hassle to use because of the probs. Mk2 when and if it comes ill try again.

G20WLY282d ago

First World problems 😢 🤣