8 things we hate about Dark Souls

Spoilers ahead! It may be a classic, but some of it was awful.

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pandehz370d ago

Couldn’t get into this game.

CrimsonWing69370d ago

i liked this game but man... like is this how gaming is now? Like should I just skip this one and wait for it to be a 4k remaster next gen? I'm cool with it being a few generations behind so the fresh coat of paint jolts a lot of life into an older game but right after last gen... ugh.

PurpHerbison370d ago

Could only agree with one thing on the list... The Blighttown frame-rate.

Uken12370d ago

This list is stupid. The only thing we can all agree on is Blight Towns frame rate and honestly it wasn't as bad as people make it out to be.

The rest is just complaining about difficult parts in the game. He is seriously complaining about the Capra Demon. That is one of the best fights, especially because first time through he just marks you. It's hilarious and evermore funny seeing it happen to newbies.
The Curse problem they did address. They made it so multiple vendors sell Purging Stones and they are easier to obtain from clams.
The Great Hollow is a secret area, why would you make it a "not secret" secret area? Also people leave soap signs, intended for communication and helping others. Maybe read those from time to time?
The Archers? You can use cloak. Either through sorcery or the ring. Or get good. It's supposed to be a hard moment in the game. Why would they nerf everything for less challenge and overall satisfaction.
And the Lost Izalith complaint is again stupid. You couldn't find the bonfire? Seriously.
I will give him this, The Great Tree is annoying and can be cheap. But that's what makes it difficult. Again not that hard, it takes a few tries.

Here is a list of things they should actually change.

1.) Summoning. It needs to not take forever and also implement summoning friends easier like in DS3.
2.) Back Stab. Make it a little more difficult to do.
3.)Buff Chaos Weapons and humanity.
4.)Adjust Covenants a bit. Dark Moon Covenant needs to be summoned more quickly. Also the Nito's Covenant could work better.
5.)Make the PVP area in Oolicile work better. It's much easier to just fight in the forest.
6.)Put in the Elite Cleric Armor and The other Sorcerers Outfit.
7.)Fix Solaires Appearance Issues.
8.)Nothing else, don't nerf it like all other Souls style games after. Dark Souls is the most acclaimed one for a reason.

PurpHerbison367d ago

The PvP area didn't work because FROM decided to make their own level caps instead of going with the community level cap which was 125 max, typically 120. But really they just needed proper matchmaking, DS2 arenas were pretty solid in that regard. Some people tried to do sl100 builds for the arena but it never really caught on, 120 is where people wanted to be. iirc, going to arena at 120 means you can also get matched up against sl 200s which sucks.

Uken12366d ago

Thanks for the info dude! I wanted it to work well but ended up just fighting in the Forest mostly.
DS2 I beat but couldn't get into the pvp as much as DS1.