Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT Open Beta is Live

From PlayStation Universe: "The free Open Beta for Square-Enix’s Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT has gone live.

Select Heroes and Villains from the 3v3 fighting game are available to play for a limited time. Different sessions will bring different characters into the mix."

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LordofYogurt373d ago

No single player campaign = No buy

cha0sknightmare372d ago

Just had about 5 battles... its... fine. Doubt i'll ever pick it up.

bigmalky372d ago

Seems bare bones, even for a beta. I'm just not having fun with it... Like most of SE's recent attempts to do something with FF, it's all flash and no substance. It's also a bitch to try and get hits in when you rail off higher ground.

Just doesn't feel tight or polished enough. Less trying to dazzle us with graphics and just deliver some good gameplay ffs.