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He's the most powerful hero, on paper the perfect character for video games. But why is it so hard to make a good Superman game?

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FallenAngel1984331d ago

Better question is why can nobody make solo videogames based on non-Batman DC superheroes.

PaulCollett331d ago

Hopefully the new Spiderman will sort that out

Reckless_Love331d ago

Spiderman is Marvel.

Nobody can make a good Superman game because he's too powerful. He can fly faster than the speed of sound, has the ability to shoot lasers from hia eyes and can punch harder than a round from a tank. He's immune to what almost all of humanity can throw at him.

So imagine the scope of the sandbox you'd need. Then how would you make him feel capable of such destruction? Then how do you make it so you try and avoid that destruction and care about npcs?

Absolute nightmare to try and make a game out of.

Goldby331d ago

his lifebar is the "health" of the city
or just like how batman was poisoned with the joker blood in the arkham series, you could ahve him poisoned by kryptonite so he is overall weaker or weaker as the game goes on.

jaymacx331d ago

I used to have the sentiment that no one can make a Superman game because of how powerful he is. I thought really hard about it.

+ they could have enemies that can harm him. He is vulnerable to magic, kryptonite and the red sun.
+ make it mission based and if too many civilians die , you have to start over etc.
Sumperman maybe powerful but he still is limited.
Whatever challenges he has in the comics needs to be fleshed out in the game.

JBaby343330d ago

The problem with these ideas is that they ultimately take the fun out of the game.

If you use something to weaken Superman then you're not really playing as Superman using the powers he has so that defeats the point of a game where you are Superman.

If you use the city/citizenry as a life bar then every scenario becomes either a timed event or one where you are walking (flying) on eggshells to prevent too many deaths. Both are annoying and again defeats the purpose of being able to destroy stuff with fun powers.

You cannot really create a challenge or tension without missions being tedious or limiting the very powers that makes us want to play.

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Flewid638331d ago

New Spider-Man game on PS4..

Aenea331d ago

Which is a Marvel comic, not a DC one....


He is too powerful... You realize what kind of rig you would need to be able to fly through a city or a large map as fast as he can and render the world without bad pop in? There is a reason GTA V and other open world games won't allow you to go very fast through the world. Forza Horizon and Just Cause do a really good job of loading the world at high speeds, but not superman speed ;)

gangsta_red331d ago

DC has so many underused heroes that they could utilize and it's a shame that Batman is the only one they can market.

InKnight7s331d ago

Because Batman is just a human with fancy gadgets as every action games with extra cartoonish stuff. But flash as example he is super fast and normal developers like WB studios cant really fit superpowers into agameplay in proper way. We need that project of an studio who put all their power and creativity to simulate superpowers beyond Prototype and Infamous yet enjoyable and creative.
We are missing Iron Man, Thor, flash, GL, WW, Superman because of that limitations and typical form of superpowers in games.

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princejb134331d ago

I think is because super man is over powered.
Is hard to make villains for such a hero without crippling super man. Plus flying around can get a little boring. D.C. Universe online showed me this

sampsonon331d ago

it would be fine if the story is good. they can always gimp Superman's abilities using kryptonite weapons or mutant like creatures. they could also do the three villains from Kryton, Zod, Ersa , and the other guy lol from superman 2.
it must be more story driven with great acting.

alb1899331d ago

Yep, it is almost the same with movies.

gangsta_red331d ago

He is not overpowered.

Superman has many villains that can go toe to toe with him and even put him down.

Goldby331d ago

Batman being one of them

gangsta_red331d ago

"Batman being one of them"


*GEEK RAGE x100*

DialgaMarine331d ago

Super villains, yes, but the game would need filler enemies to keep it feeling fresh. I guess it could be an open world boss rush type of game like SotC, but that just doesn’t sound like it would work for him. Superman would be better as some type of RPG.

gangsta_red331d ago

", yes, but the game would need filler enemies to keep it feeling fresh."

Intergang, Parademons, Phantom Zone criminals, ToyMan toy soldiers, I'm sure a designer could pull lots of material from the Supeman comic to fill up the Superman's world with enemies.

An open world game with GTA type overall story and side missions is what I envision a Superman game to be.

NXFather330d ago

Obviously, we are talking about game engines and technical specs.

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InKnight7s331d ago

Superman fly very fast, DC flying is a joke.
But yeah he have massive powers translate his power in a game is like making cheats and mods on GTA good for couple of hours to break regular gameplay just to have fun but boring a choas overall

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Neonridr331d ago

what do you mean, Superman 64 was the best game ever created. I mean what other game lets you fly through rings while sprinkling in the odd cryptic task.

sampsonon331d ago

because a sony studio hasn't made one yet.

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