Nintendo teases Animal Crossing fans and Analyst Predicts Animal Crossing Switch, Smash Bros

Nintendo might have just dropped a major tease for Animal Crossing fans with the latest Splatoon 2 update, while a Senior Analyst At SMBC Nikko Is Predicting Pokemon, Smash Bros. & Animal Crossing Switch News Around March.

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eagle21283d ago

"According to the analyst Pokemon, Smash Bros and Animal Crossing Switch are going to be announced in March."

Makes sense being they will meet with investors for their year end and would want them to be excited for 2018.

-Foxtrot283d ago

Please lord let this be true. I love the main AC games but they’ve really got to step it up

Animal Crossing is one of those games I always get hyped up but during that hype I think they’ll add feature X, Y and Z only for them hardly adding to it. I mean let’s be honest the Mayor thing should have been in City Folk...but even in New Leaf you feel you don’t have much power or control over your town. Move a house, remove a rock, deny/approve new residents, make it so your best animal friends who you talk to a lot don’t randomly leave (like a happiness bar), let us sculpt the town more by changing rivers or removing them...and so on.

So many things they can add but they don’t

iNcRiMiNaTi283d ago

Pretty sure Tom Nook will still be an a**hole though charging us 100k Bells for a small shack

-Foxtrot283d ago

Then I want an option to be an ass to him later on :)

Concertoine283d ago

I probably put like 120 hours into the original one on GC, and I've never gotten into a AC game since. I too get really hyped for new ones, buy them, and end up getting sick of them due to lack of new things to do. In fact, in some ways i feel like the first one was the best (the NES games!)

I have a feeling a new one is around the corner, I remember back in 2013 they had a Wii U app that showed they had modeled all of the characters for it.

-Foxtrot283d ago (Edited 283d ago )

I'm the same, I get hyped, think this new game is going to have a shit load to do, buy the game, put a good handful of hours into it then realize they haven't done enough still. I'm left wandering after I do my daily things.

It's not as bad but we have these HUGE gaps in between the games, Nintendo just never bother to add a shit load of content when like I've said there's so many obvious stuff they could add. Like small ones such as rocks in the town being in the way of you placing buildings down "Oh I'm sorry sir but we can't build here" or something...well why not add a Hammer item in the game and let us smash them. Such a small thing...but it would go a long way.

It's like they are scared if they add too much they won't have enough for the next game but considering the huge gap in between games they'll come up with plenty of new ideas in that time