Does The Nintendo Switch Have a Remaster and Port Problem?

After all the rumors and speculation the long awaited Nintendo Direct is out and it was nothing like many thought it would be. What does Bad Bit Games Host Joseph, take away from the announcements from this direct? While many people, are starting to worry that there are becoming one too many ports and remasters on the Nintendo Switch, is that really such a bad thing? Are Wii U users right to feel burned by the Nintendo Switch?

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Antnee5341971d ago

They are doing the smart thing, the wii u was a failur of a system with not many people getting to enjoy the games from that catalogue. The switch just blew its load on 2017 with 1st part developed games meaning 2018 will utalize the wii u games that never been played by alot of the people who now own switches

getbacktogaming1971d ago

I'll buy a switch when I can play Mario 3D World on it. In the meantime I'd rather emulate it on PC than buy a Wii U.

SuperSonic911971d ago

The Switches launch line up are mostly ports

Vegamyster1971d ago

Exactly, the Switch will outsell the Wii-U in less than a year. The system had a number of fantastic games but they were far and few between so taking the best & putting them on the Switch is good for anyone who never picked up the Wii-U.

Akarogg 1971d ago

Millions of MK8 Deluxe copies sold proves that point

FallenAngel19841971d ago

That’s not a problem any system can have

Eonjay1971d ago

Thank you. I am tired of having to engage in discussions based on logical fallacies. The Switch will play whatever is developed for it. If you think it has too many ports, that's a developer issue not a Switch issue.

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coolastheycome1971d ago

Don't you mean doesn't the PS4 have a remaster problem? They did a Last of Us port for crying out loud lol

getbacktogaming1971d ago

Although I'll own a pc ps4 and switch before I consider buying an xbox I gotta say backwards compatibility on xbox is waayyyyyyy cooler than any number of re-masters

TekoIie1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Oh absolutely.

I got into PC gaming more because none of the current gen consoles offered backwards compatibility at launch. It's also great to have a system that's capable of letting you revisit old games and even discover things you missed from previous generations. Hopefully, Nintendo and Sony will take note and make their next-gen systems have some form of backward compatibility and a way to transfer those purchases from previous generations.

showtimefolks1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

What do you mean? The last of us is a remaster done right

Overall remasters if done right are good in my opinion

Gives us a chance to play older games with improvements in graphics and performance

I don't understand the Hate on remasters no one is forcing anyone to buy a remaster. There are so many new games every year that we all can pick and choose what we like

I think all wiiu games being made by Nintendo should get ports on switch

jaymacx1971d ago

I remember when Wii came out with GameCube ports. No need to get upset, buy what you like. My wish is to have Nintendo Bundle some of their Classics as a Collection. Like Pikmin 1-3, Mario Galaxy, Metroid etc. Collections are one of my favorite things about PlayStation. They came out with so many on PS3.

Outlawzz1971d ago

If the switch has a remaster problem then so do all the other consoles. I for one welcome them because I skipped lots of games on wiiu

Sirk7x1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Wii U owners felt burned by having a Wii U lol. I was one of them xD
Seriously though, there were some absolutely fantastic games on the Wii U which deserve to be played on what will be a significantly higher user base console. It's a no brainer to update these games and bring them over. The reason I sold the console was that I reasoned most of the games worth playing would be ported over to the Switch inevitably. More games to play is not a problem. Bring on Smash 4 Deluxe!

getbacktogaming1971d ago

Silly thought; did you know disney only broke even on many of it's early films after multiple theater re-releases many years appart? I wonder if Nintendo broke even on all it's Wii U games but I'm sure.they can make more coins putting on the Switch. :)

jaymacx1971d ago

I don't feel burned because of the Ports (being a Wii U owner since Launch 2012). What I feel burnt about is Nintendo not Branding Wii U correctly and trying to ride the success of Wii. Once they messed up there, there wasn't anything else that could have been done once everything fell flat. Now that they did what they needed to for Switch to take off, they need to keep the games coming.

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