What the Hell Should VR Be in 2018?

VR technology is chugging along. Now that the Vive Pro has been announced, there are some questions. Is it headed in the right direction? What do we really want from VR?

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Apocalypse Shadow281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

VR in 2018 should just be improvements to gameplay and interactivity gamers expect VR to have for second year, first generation games.

Vive Pro looks awesome. And the improvements are welcome in continuing VR's evolution. Problem though, is that every time they make new improvements, it puts affordability out of reach on pc. Quality is needed yes. But lower prices are needed as well.

As for gloves, as nice as it would be, that's one step up from kinect. That's not good enough for most VR experiences. Gamers feel more immersed with buttons and holding something tangible. Gloves don't make you feel like you're holding a gun. A VR controller does. Not imagining holding a steering wheel. But actually using a real one to increase immersion.

Gloves would only be good for sifting through menus like minority report or simple games. Not anything a core user would want. Because controls would be limited. Best case would be tracking gloves **and** a controller.

Babadook7280d ago

I think the gloves are one thing that could push VR to the next level. Sure, you do want real objects like a steering wheel (or move controllers, DS4, Aim controller etc.) but the gloves work with each of those as an additive form of interactivity and immersion.

chris235280d ago

the graphics will have to be amped up quite a bit and they need to lose the eyecancer provoking aliasing. besides, i hope the „proof of concept“ phase will be over soon and we will get more games with substance.

CrimsonWing69280d ago

I’d say release more games like RE7. VR is cool but enough with the gimmicky software and actually let us go full on VR with a AAA title.