Latest PUBG Update Hits Live Servers, Player Charges $1300 For Rare Mask

A PUBG player is charging $1300 for the new rare checkered mask item.

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corroios306d ago

Lol..Who would spend this kind of money on CRAP like this. Not even 1 euro...

ziggurcat305d ago

... the same person who will unnecessarily spend $2000 on an early copy of No Man's Sky.

MagicBeanz305d ago

Or loot boxes in Battlefront II but this is ok cause its PUBG so it gets a pass.

mwjw696305d ago

Yea Beanz it get a pass from most gamers cause its 100% goofy Cosmetic crap. Where Battlefront 2 is pay to win BS.

frostypants304d ago

I sold a PUBG item for $200 once. People are stupid.

Relientk77306d ago

Whose the loser whose gonna spend $1300 on a useless digital item for a game.

UCForce305d ago

I hear some people say that to unlock these rare items with regular loot boxes. It will take 80 years to unlock all of them. If you buy rare loot boxes, it would take 5 years to unlock, but still it’s just take way too long.

Usperg305d ago (Edited 305d ago )

it is crazy, thankfully I cant see this PUBG craze at all and have 0.000% interest in the game let alone items.

MagicBeanz305d ago

Sounds vaguely familiar, similar to a recent controversy, I wonder if this will manufacture as much outrage?

Twinblade305d ago

A kid with his parents credit card.

81BX305d ago

Omg! This is dope. Just placed my bid $565. That asking price is ridiculous!

michellelynn0976305d ago

I have MH U3, MH XX and 4. So get off it. I have played them.

81BX305d ago

I'll let you figure this one out...

michellelynn0976305d ago

There is a difference between the character feeling heavy due to weapons and armor than bad hit detection and controls that are clunky.

81BX305d ago

Jesus man! Look at what article you're in.

michellelynn0976305d ago

I can't reply on the other. And not a man. Sheesh lol

81BX305d ago

Then let it go my dude!

michellelynn0976305d ago

Just debating. That is all. :)

81BX304d ago

Ok, just so we both understand... you lost this debate.

michellelynn0976304d ago

Nope. You did. You made a false assumption. I have played a lot of MH games. So no, to be clear, you lost.

81BX304d ago

Lol, you seem to not be able to let things go. As if you need the last word. You must be a riot to hang out with;)

michellelynn0976304d ago

I am fun actually. I am a big personality and I like to speak my mind.

81BX304d ago (Edited 304d ago )

Sure buddy.

michellelynn0976304d ago

Ok girl. Lol and dude is gender neutral.

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Pancit_Canton305d ago (Edited 305d ago )

You can buy a PS4 Pro, Xbone X and a Switch with some left over for some games with that kind of money.

awdevoftw305d ago

And this is why game companies are going the way they are. I get the guy can spend his money the way he wants, but it sets a terrible precedence on how games are monetized. Plus this guy is an idiot.

TABSF305d ago

Do you understand the prices are set by the community?

Steam Marketplace is not set by Valve or any developer. They make the content and the drop rate sure but selling prices are set by the community. Valve take 5% cut and Devs take 10% out of these sold items.

For example, I got an Item on Dota 2 for free a few years ago, I didn't want it as I don't really play it.
I set the sale price for £200 and I logged on to find someone paid for it, I got £170 to spend on anything on Steam.
That free item paid for my Steam games for the next few months.

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