Switch Ports Still Need to Improve in 2018

Nintendo came out of the gates like gangbusters in 2017, dealing out a bevy of hits on the Switch. One of the highest praises was the apparent return of third party support, but it wasn't all roses and sunshine on that front.

In its first year, the Switch saw more than its share of poorly handled ports, and this is something that will need to improve moving forward.

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quent279d ago

Tell that to EA and Take2

Sarcasm279d ago

The networking guy in me read Switch Ports completely different.

ccgr279d ago

Agreed many of the posts thus far perform horribly

PhantomS42279d ago

Doom and Skyrim went pretty smoothly. Didn't hear good things about the sports titles but I don't play those so I wouldn't know and I haven't heard anyone talking about LA Noire on any system let alone the Switch. Honestly forgot LA Noire got a remaster.

Gemmol279d ago

Nintendo of France just said EA like their fifa sales this week, how did you miss that article

Then you have media create the switch long legs for fifa finally pass thr ps4 version in Japan

EddieNX 279d ago

Not a bad start. most of them are fine. They'll get better once Devs have had the practice and learn the techniques they need to push the system to its max