Introducing the Onyx wireless controller from Hori, available for PS4 next week

Andrew Mason of PSBlog: From 15th January the ONYX Wireless Controller joins our expanding range of officially licensed controllers for PS4

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TankCrossing2092d ago

I've never seen a controller with a design and button layout like that. I wonder where they got their inspiration?

Razzer2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

Sarcasm...yeah. Think the GameCube was the first to put the left thumbstick above the dpad. The Razer Raiju also uses that design for their controller. Some prefer that design. Others, the PS default. Personally like Xbox One controller myself. I may look into getting one of these.

TankCrossing2092d ago

I'm personally indifferent to the stick position being symmetrical or otherwise, so long as it is comfortable to use. At first glance neither stick looks like it will rest very naturally under the thumb on this one. Hard to say for sure without holding it though.

darthv722092d ago

Saturn 3d pad had the left analog above the d-pad. Same with Dreamcast. Neither of which had a right analog but they seemed to be first to do that style. I need one of these controllers in my life. I prefer the offset thumsticks to in-line ones. Much more comfortable for long play periods. For me anyways...

InMyOpinion2092d ago

I prefer this stick layout and the controller looks really comfortable imo.

Omnislashver362092d ago

I like both. Xbox for FPS and PS for most other games. Deff going to pick one up.

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gangsta_red2092d ago

My thumbs will fly off my hands in protest because of this stick position.

gangsta_red2092d ago

Perhaps you can guide them from your comfy spot on my scrotum . *smooch*

TankCrossing2091d ago


FWIW, it really isn't as comfy as you think.

InTheZoneAC2092d ago

Never understood the whole left stick up, right stick down layout and it does look generic so maybe those people like those kinds of things together.

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Jinger2092d ago

Hey, finally a comfortable looking PlayStation Controller.

Enjoigamin2092d ago

32 disagrees lol you guys are so sad

nitus102092d ago

At least you will now have the option.

Personally, I have always found the cross pad to be very uncomfortable (ie. Nintendo) and imprecise for extended play while the cross pad (ie. D-Pad) on the dual shock controllers was much more comfortable and precise. As for the analog sticks, I prefer symmetrical while others prefer offset and that is fine.

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NXFather2092d ago

I prefer the Xbox controller style minus the batteries but, that D-Pad is a no go for me. Should have kept the PS D-Pad.

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