A Final Fantasy Series Retrospective from a First Timer: Final Fantasy X-XV

RPGfan: "It's finally here, folks: the last entry in my series retrospective. I'll be honest, around this time I was really beginning to feel some fatigue towards the series. I had started this journey in July of 2017, and at times I feared that I'd be unable to complete the series in time. However, once I hit the PlayStation 2 era, I felt a new resolve swell up in my chest. With only four games to go, I booted up my PlayStation 4 and began my tenth epic quest."

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FallenAngel1984279d ago

Final Fantasy dramatically reinvented itself after FFIX in terms of battle systems and aesthetics

BlahBlahWhatever277d ago

There is no FF after X, FFX was the last one, anything released after is not/can't be called FF, THE END.