FIFA 18 Tops 10 Million Units Sold Worldwide at Retail

The football simulator game from publisher EA Sports and developers EA Vancouver and EA Romania - FIFA 18 - has reached a new sales milestone, according to VGChartz estimates. The game has surpassed 10 million units sold worldwide at retail.

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chrisx371d ago

Messi is miles ahead of ronaldo when it comes to footballing.

2pacalypsenow370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

How many cups has he helped win for his home country? Pretty sure Rolando helped Portugal win the UEFA European Championship he was injured in the final, but still helped the team reach the final and Portugal has nowhere near the amount of talent Argentina does, Messi lost twice to Chile and even retired and unretired to get the spotlight away from Chile and to him.

yomfweeee370d ago

You Ronaldo doesn't have great teammates in the same sentence that you say they won the UEFA championship game without him....

2pacalypsenow370d ago

Right, so why cant messi win with better teammates and Ronaldo win with worse teammates....

And don't even say European competition is worse than South American.