Every Time Star Citizen Gets a New Update Everyone Forgets What an Alpha is

The Star Citizen 3.0 alpha greatly improved and expanded the game, but some fans expected a finished game.

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porkChop280d ago

Well, to be fair, "3.0" does not sound like an Alpha. "1.0" is a full release. So if people don't treat the game like an Alpha, it's the dev's own fault. I mean the game has been in "Alpha" for like 4 years. It's getting pretty pathetic at this point.

Cy279d ago

Exactly. Not to mention this game has, what, 170 million dollars in funding and it can't even deliver the game that was supposed to come out four years ago with a budget of somewhere around 2 million? Maybe some fans expected their funding to result in something more than a perpetual paycheck and a chance to direct Gary Oldman and Mark Hamill for Chris Roberts.

sampsonon279d ago

release date 2025 or is that 2520? this game will crash and burn in 3 yrs

notachance279d ago

some fans expected a realistic release date, mind you. calling it alpha after 5 years of active development doesn't make it alright