Did Rockstar Just Nuke GTA Online?

The orbital cannon is ruining GTA Online for some people. What is this devastating new weapon, how is it being abused, and how can Rockstar fix things?

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Gwiz280d ago

Oh noes,not booms zeh boobs.

280d ago
Crazyglues279d ago

isn't there a mode call Passive mode.. for people who don't like getting killed..?

4U2NV279d ago

Yes but you cant do anything in passive mode to earn decent money as the game forces you out of passive mode.

BadElf280d ago

Hopefully. Would much rather have Red Dead Redemption 2 news.

chris235280d ago

yeah can‘t wait for the loot crate and MT galore

TheSaint279d ago

For $50 you can unlock the orbital cannon in Red Dead 2 multiplayer.....

Profchaos280d ago

All the Doomsday DLC stuff would be so much better as single player DLC

Patricko279d ago

I read somewhere that firstly it was planned as single player dlc. But greedy R* realized that they won't do as much money as they would on overpriced crap that kids are buying for no reason in online mode. So yeah, single player stuff from R* is a thing od a past...

frostypants279d ago

Rockstar is quickly becoming as bad as EA. The only reason they don't share the same bad reputation yet is all the goodwill from their prior work. They deserve SO much more flak for BS like this.

generic-user-name279d ago

Do you have a credible source for that? It's 2018, if it wasn't for GTA Online, there would be no DLC releasing this long after launch.

frostypants279d ago (Edited 279d ago )

Harder for Rockstar to fleece the player base that way.

edeprez279d ago

You're right, if it weren't for GTAO there wouldn't be any DLC releasing at this time, we might have actually got a game from them this generation.

Pantz279d ago

Buy more shark cards to stop nuke

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The story is too old to be commented.