Top 7 Best Open World Games on Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch's first year on the market was very strong. Here are the seven best open world games currently available for the system.

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chris235280d ago

seriously, i have got not the slightest intention to play a) another open world 0815 game and 2) i would never play an open worlder on such an underpowered gadget. even the ps4pro is struggling with openworlders when one is far into the game and too much is going on. i got to chuckle thinking of such games getting played on a switch. while the nintendo own games seem to be doing ok-ish framerate wise (due to their lack of knowledge what a good open worlder even is) i highly doubt third parties will invest money in optimization of their ports. again, thanks, pass. i am more demanding as a gamer than that.

beanplant280d ago

The list is literally the only 7 open world's game on the Switch right now (non indie). I'm not sure if Mario counts though