How Sony Messed Up its TGS Presence

Kombo writes: For years, the Tokyo Game Show has been the one show on the calendar you can bet Sony is going to put on a performance. Okay, they may have had a few issues in the past (overheating PS3s) but in general, TGS is their best show of the year. They nearly always headline the keynote and usually announce something or other. This year, however, I can't help but feel that Sony isn't trying.

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Genesis55350d ago (Edited 5350d ago )

What a whiner. Sony owns about 10% of SE. They know whats going on between Square and MS I'm sure they have some say in the board room. Anything you hear from the media is pure speculation. I read the MS key note live blog. What did they do that was so amazing? Beside setting up a booth right beside SE. There is still a couple of days left to go. Let just see what happens.

wazborn5350d ago

10 percent is still not enough to control the company.. if it was that important i am sure we wont see FFXIII on 360, or SO4 on xbox360 or IU exclusive.. blah blah...

so who ever is holding the lion share of SE calls the shots and obviously want to make cash from the 360s base ... if u ever look at interview with the developers of SO4 and IU they said they never imagined ever doing anything for the 360... so the must be a big guy callin the shots somewhere and is sure not Sony..

Genesis55350d ago (Edited 5350d ago )

As user Says You below pointed out it is about 19% still not enough to control the company. Though I would imagine it gives them a good return on their investment if SE sells a lot of games.

CrazzyMan5350d ago (Edited 5350d ago )

After 4 weeks x360 sales are going below 8k, with having 2 jrpgs and price cut.
i won`t be suprised, when next week x360 sales will be around 5k.

More over, i won`t be suprised, that on October 30th PS3 sales will be around 100k, thnx just to LBP and GT5P bundles.

October 11th (Saturday)
12:00 - 12:30 PLAYSTATION®3
Little big planet Live Performance Show

Super Ninja Session

14:00 - 14:30 PLAYSTATION®3
Little big planet Live Performance Show

15:00 - 15:30 LEVEL5 vs PS3®
White Knight Story Special Session

16:00 - 16:30 PLAYSTATION®3×SEGA
History of Yakuza 3!

October 12th (Sunday)
11:30 - 12:00 PLAYSTATION®3×KONAMI
METAL GEAR SOLID 4 - The Global Challenge-

12:30 - 13:00 PLAYSTATION®3
Little big planet Live Performance Show

14:00 - 14:45 PLAYSTATION®3×CAPCOM
BIOHAZARD 5 Director's Session
Rearrangement ticket admission system (above age restriction 17 year old)

Rearrangement ticket admission system


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mikeslemonade5350d ago

As far as hype it's certainly lower this year, but what does hype really add. Lets say annouce a few games those won't be coming out any time soon and it's not like in 2009 there's no games coming out.

Lanoire5349d ago (Edited 5349d ago )

Im starting to think that there was an error in translation. Famitsu first announced it. IGN and other sites picked it up. But did anyone bother to check the translation?

Perhaps it wasnt 11 IP announcements but just 11 announcements.
In which case Sackboy Snake and Sephiroth also count as announcements.

Clearly then we would have seen all 11 by now.

1) Sackboy Snake
2) Sackboy Sephiroth
3) LBP bundle
4) Ragdoll Kung fu
5) Quantum theory
6) Demons soul
7) Noby noby noby
8) Horse race manager
9) Linger in Shadow
10) Infamous announced for Asian territories?????
11) Dress????? Dress was announced back in Sept 2007. So this cant be it. Or maybe it was the secret SE live demo announcement?

1) Undead knights
2) adventure game from SCEJ
3) adventure game from SCEJ

Thats it then? I agree, a little disappointing.

But a quick look at the soon to be released games, makes me forget about this stupid rumor in the first place...

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tocrazed4you5350d ago

Tgs aint over yet. Second off they have game showings with square enix on the 11th day of TGS, third off the only reason why sony doesn't have the rpg games is because they are investing money into their own first parties while microsoft is dishing out cash for ps3's exclusive.
Its funny in a way how lems say ohhh xbox 360 got the best games yet we want ps3's exclusive games.

avacadosnorkel5350d ago

and regardless of how MS gets them...the 360 has the games you obviously want for the PS3, judging from your final line.

juuken5350d ago

Sony knew this was going to happen. They knew 3rd party exclusivity was going to die out sooner or later so that's why they heavily invested in 1st party.

They spent their money wisely.

Palodios5349d ago

It really doesn't matter if there is a good reason why we aren't seeing any ps3 rpgs, because, we aren't seeing any. Seriously, the big announcement is an exclusive fps from tecmo, a company that has no fps experience? Seriously, whatever Sony's obsession with shooter games is, it needs to stop.

poet2155349d ago

I definitely agree with U! I'm ready to see a diverse library such as PS1 & PS2's were. The hell with all these FPS games. Enough already! Maybe I'm old school, but I'm starving for some good ol' adventure games. Action & RPG's also.

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LightningPS3PS35350d ago (Edited 5350d ago )

No stellar new games announced for either side.

That being said, no doubt XBOX 360 has been pushing a lot harder in Japan with all that money they're paying to bring exclusive or timed exclusive JRPG's to XBOX 360.

Star Ocean 4
Last Remenant
Infinite Undiscovery
Blue Dragon
Lost Odyssey
Eternal Sonata
Tales of Vesperia

XBOX 360 is the place for Japanese RPG's right now. That's hard to deny.

I don't know when Sony plans to fight back here.

tocrazed4you5350d ago (Edited 5350d ago )

they are rougly 1.5 million behind the ps3. And launched earlier than the ps3.
Right now for rpgs for the ps3.

White knight chronicles.
Persona 3
Final fantasy versus 13
Valkyria chronicles
Eternal Sonata
Last remnant
Demon souls
Final fantasy 13 (Exclusive in japan)
Kinda matches your list right?

MvmntInGrn5350d ago

Both have plenty of RPGs lined up, Sony is just starting to see them release now. Both showings were strong.

I wouldn't say "360 is the definitive place for RPGs" really, they have a few more lined up, but really it is just a few. (much more released though I do agree)

From here forward (meaning unreleased games) both are about equal on JRPGs.

kratos-i-am5350d ago

Nah its the PS2 which has the greatest library of RPGs. That's the reason its trouncing both the 360 and the PS3 in sales! And to be brutally honest the RPGs that have been released so far on this gen of platforms are awful! Where did all the major JRPG developers and franchises go for 07/08? Probably developing for the handhelds I guess.

Real Gambler5350d ago

7 RPGs for Lighting vs 8 RPGs for ToCraze. Winner: ToCraze

Now watch Lightning coming back with: "Yes, 7 RPGs, but that's a lot, and I mean, A LOT more DVDs total though... : )

CrazzyMan5350d ago (Edited 5350d ago )

you could add:

Disgaea 3
Cross Edge
Tiars to Tiara
White knight chronicles
Final fantasy versus 13
Valkyria chronicles
Eternal Sonata
Last remnant
Demon souls
Final fantasy 13

Abd who knows how many there in developement.)

EDIT: Mart, and what are you going to say, after ALL these JRPGS and MANY others are released???

juuken5350d ago

So we should all sell our PS3's because Sony is doomed in Japan.


TheMART5350d ago

@ tocrazed4you

One flaw in your post...

The 360 RPG's are out already, the PS3 is still waiting.

Thus, the 360 is the home of (J)RPG's

juuken5350d ago

There you go again.

So..the 360 is the king of rpgs?

If they were in fact the king of rpgs, then they should be pushing Wii numbers, no?
Why do those numbers immediately drop back down after an rpg is released?

Lol, don't make me laugh.

KillaManiac5350d ago

Lightning ...You should see why you have had to make another account.

99.9% of your comments belong in the Open Section tab ---->

So sick of blatant fanboy people...360 and ps3.

Buy both systems...and buy exclusives for both and be happy like I am...not trying to argue who's game is best. Even if you point out 100% truth, in a fanboy's mind its still 100% wrong.

Sarcasm5350d ago

bwahahahahahah LightningPS3PS3

what happen to LightningPS3? Finally changed it to Lightning360?

Gorgon5350d ago

Persona 3 is for PS2, unless you think every PS3 has BC. And RPGs on the PS3 so far suck balls.

Let's hope Sony does their job right, because Demon's Souls ain't looking good either. I just hope Atlus starts their PS3 output soon.

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Deviant5350d ago

people got too much free time it seems like throughout the whole year everyone had to blame( actually whine) sony at least once. stop acting like you know how that business works.

MvmntInGrn5350d ago

lol Sony did fine, no one company really owned TGS. No "I just wet myself" moments or anything.

MS did fine too, nothing huge either.

Now Nintendo, they just had no presence at all.

N4g_null5350d ago

Now nintendo had no presents at all and still rocked the show!

Just had to fix that. So whats up SONY doesn't care about the hardcore?

I'm sure SONY would tell you the hardcore that the crown is not yours to give away. Remember next gen start when they say so. I mean where is crazy ken when you need him!

Sony has lots of problems and it's fans are not fixing them. It's actually the same problem that the game cube had with less hype LOL. MS stole SONY soul this round and turned them into just a hardware manufacturer again rather than a gaming power house.

3rd parties and fanboys are not loyal they where naive to think they where. We simply go where the party goes! I mean really who still is a sega fan?