How Can Nintendo Manage Expectations and Misinformation in 2018

Nintendo entering 2018 in completely different, then they did just a year ago. With the Switch becoming the fastest selling console in the United States ever and The Switch out pacing the previous Wii U. It just seems nothing can stop Nintendo's momentum in 2018. With recent rumors and speculation of what’s next for Nintendo this year. Numerous gaming sites and popular hit the rumor mills hard, with unbased or unchecked information. Leading to a fictitious Nintendo Direct that never came to be. How can Nintendo battle Misinformation and fans expectations in 2018?

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TGG_overlord307d ago

A good start would be for them to give us a new "F-Zero" and "Chrono Trigger" game ;) In all seriousness though, they should do more Nintendo Direct live streams, because then they would get a closer connection to their fans and consumers. Furthermore, that would put a lot of rumours, speculations and wishful thinking to rest. Thus, that should tone down the misinformation, hype and our high levels of expectations quite a bit.

wonderfulmonkeyman307d ago

Misinformation won't be much of an issue so long as Nintendo doesn't make any false suggestions towards features or games we shouldn't expect to see. Fans can take care of the rest.

But as for expectations?
Well, in terms of games, that's a tough one, but if anyone's got the back log of classic franchises [and third party titles from past systems] to call upon that would surprise and delight millions, it's definitely Nintendo in this case.

Indies are already knocking it out of the park on Switch, so I think they'll be able to pick up some of that slack, too.

thesoftware730306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

Release Botw 2 and Mario:O 2 and splatoon 3!!!

Lol but seriously, I think personally I'm at a point where these type of questions don't need to be asked anymore, the system is a success! A runaway success to be blunt. All they have to do now is release consistent good games like every other console maker lol. 3rd party games that are on the other systems is very nice and counts, but it is not as important as they once were on this device...

With Nintendo consolidation of all of their in-house devs they can pump out a steady stream of games and with the marvelous indie support its almost to much to play. What is even sweeter is that the system IS getting good 3rd party support and I'm positive we will see original and some exclusive 3rd party games...add all that together and the switch is already set for greater success ..let's stop worrying.

(I know the article is not bashing the switch)

Garethvk306d ago

Easy. More and better AAA exclusives.