Warcraft IV Confirmed, Starcraft II to be split into a Trilogy

The latest panel from BlizzCon has been about Starcraft 2. The big news is that the campaign will be split into three separate parts, each being sold as a stand alone game... and then Rob Pardo made a slip about Warcraft IV.

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tocrazed4you4593d ago

Blizzard sticking it up your A*&*^&^ and saying did you have a good time after. My god three different versions so retarded.

gambare4593d ago

well.... they did the same thing with the first starcraft remember?

starcraft : broodwars

those were 2 parts, so 3 parts of starcraft 2 isn't really that bad

TheIneffableBob4593d ago (Edited 4593d ago )

Think of the alternatives.
I would not want StarCraft 2 with three average campaigns soon or StarCraft 2 with three very good campaigns 2 years from now.

I'd much rather have StarCraft 2 with one very good campaign soon, and two very good campaigns later.

Blizzard are perfectionists. I'm sure it'll be worth it.

Oh, and the multiplayer will be exactly the same. You will get the full multiplayer experience with the initial release, which is the most important thing.

Panthers4593d ago

This is awesome news. It means that there will be 2 expansions instead of the usual 1 for RTS games. I wish that C&C3 had another expansion coming, but I know they wont.

IdleLeeSiuLung4593d ago

even if warcraft 4 is in the works, it takes blizzard ages to release a game. It could take them half a decade to finish the game.... blizzard style

Fox014592d ago

OMG did they just confirm Warcraft IV!? I still play Warcraft III with some of my friends up till this day!

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dktxx24593d ago

Why the f()ck would you do that? It makes no sense whatsoever.

Panthers4593d ago

Um they are planning expansions basically. It is going to be great. They have a huge story to tell so they will span it over 3 titles.

Ninja-Sama4593d ago

If they charge the full price for each game in the trilogy then it will definitely be a rip-off.

iceice1234593d ago

Imagine that they would do that. I don't like this decision, that is lame as hell. Hopefully they're 20$ each, that is understandable and, at least to me, very exceptable.

orakga4593d ago

Now, if this were Blizzard from 4 years ago, I would agree with you. But don't forget that Blizzard has since created a multi-billion dollar subsection of the industry with World of Warcraft and is now in bed with Activision. Also, don't forget that the original members of Blizzard all left that company since, and it's really not all the same people working behind these games.

My point is, I think this "company" now sees an opportunity to milk this franchise for what it's worth. People who have been playing WoW since launch have paid $15/month for four years now. (adds up to about $700 spent during this period) And they probably think that they don't want to end up with "only" $60 for making the next Starcraft.

This "trilogy" concept, is just a tool to squeeze more out of you. They will charge $50 for the first one (if not more), then AT LEAST $40 for the subsequent sequels.

And don't forget: we don't even know if online play will stay free for Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3. Hell, they may even justify paying for by arguing that "you can use it for both games!"

Seriously, when a videogame company succeeds and switches to "milking" mode, the consumer gets milked until they puke blood.

MelaDarkwood4593d ago

I'll still buy them. Even if I go broke.

L Ronald Hubbard4593d ago

I don't think I'll be getting Starcraft II anymore now that they're making it a trilogy.

Panthers4593d ago

wow lol. so since they are planning 2 expansions, you wont get it. That makes a lot of sense.

ONLYDOD4593d ago

Can I get a HELL YEAH!? I used to love Warcraft 3, brilliant game, enough of this MMO razmataz blizzard, get Warcraft back to what it was best as.

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