I Found Super Mario Odyssey To Be A Little Creepy

Super Mario would generally be regarded as a franchise that is well suited to children and people of all ages. I would not disagree, but having played Super Mario Odyssey, I found the main story of the game to be odd. Bowser kidnapping Princess Peach is nothing new, but this time it felt like it …

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Lightning Mr Bubbles280d ago (Edited 280d ago )

It's just a game. Besides, the idea of wanting someone who doesn't want you back isn't anything new to humanity, or even that uncommon. The drama that comes with it can go in many different ways. I mean that's life.

witwiki50280d ago

Before you call someone a idiot, you really should make sure you don’t fuck up with something as stupid as a spelling/grammar mistake.
“You’re” is the correct way of saying it....idiot

Dark_Knightmare2280d ago

lol that's ironic right there

Neonridr281d ago

I beg your pardon? A little what??

bixorefab280d ago

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jrshankill281d ago

What did you think Bowser wanted to do with the Princess all these years? Eat her?

NerdBurglars281d ago

Well as I mentioned in the article, I thought he wanted to do it for power. Kidnap the princess and take over the kingdom with force or by creating a power void that he can then fill now that she is gone. I didn't know it was a love story

AZRoboto280d ago

So the Amiibo announced forever ago didn't give it away that it was a wedding?
Or the trailers? Or screenshots, anything that ever showed Bowser in the game?


Just wait until you play the original Donkey Kong...

Cobra951280d ago

If you think about it, Bowser is the evolution of Donkey Kong from the original arcade game, and Peach the evolution of the girl he kidnaps. Mario is, well, still Mario. (Was he called "Mario" back then. I don't recall.) "Donkey" is a mistranslation that stuck. It should be "monkey". So, Monkey Kong kidnaps a girl and climbs a building with the hero in pursuit. Do I need to go back to 1933 to explain the rest? This has always been a love story--a tragic one.

doos_vd_kak280d ago

Well i'm sure he wants to eat something...

Chaosdreams281d ago

"I am willing to admit that I do tend to see the dirty side of things when there shouldn’t be, but I don’t think I am stretching things too far here."

You are stretching things too far here.

NerdBurglars281d ago

He has a woman chained up and is forcing her to marry him. Doesn't sound like your typical bedtime story

Chaosdreams281d ago

The chains (the ring) in this context are no different than keeping a damsel in distress within a tower, or a castle, or a room. In these instances, the damsel in distress is being kept somewhere beyond their own free will. It's your mind that's connecting the chains (the ring) to more R rated frames of thought.

This would be completely different however if Mario came across Bowser and Peach, and Peach was chained to a bed. That would be "rapey." Seeing as how that's not the case, this opinion piece you wrote isn't going to go over well.

jaymacx280d ago

Actually it does. Bedtime stories are creepy. Hansel and Gretel, goldie locks and the three bears, 3 little pigs, even the nursery song rock-a-bye baby is about a baby falling to it’s death. I would tell my kids funny stories because some of the traditional ones made them scared at night lol

Knushwood Butt280d ago

It's OK.

It's Nintendo, so is perfectly wholesome.

SegaGamer280d ago

I think Princess Peach secretly loves it. If she didn't, then you would think she would make it harder for Bowser to kidnap her by now XD

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