Media Create: Nintendo Switch Dominates Christmas Sales in Japan; Local Wii U Lifetime Sales Passed

Media Create released its sales stats for Japan, showing a radical Switch domination. The console took exactly ten months to pass the Wii U's total sales.

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Neonridr281d ago

wow.. Nintendo crushed it this holiday season in Japan.

SuperSonic91280d ago

I noticed a new trend this generation: western gamers play Japanese games more in the west than Japanese gamers do in Japan.
3rd party games like NieR A, Nioh, Persona 5, Dragon Quest Builders etc etc were played by more westerners than Japanese gamers themselves last year.
The shift is really amazing.

NotoriousWhiz280d ago

Japan predominantly plays handheld games.

SuperSonic91280d ago

Nintendo dominated an aquarium while the PS4 dominates an entire ocean where that aquarium is in.

thesoftware730280d ago

That aquarium is a big one and growing at an alarming rate.

Fret not though, the Ocean is big enough for both.

MVGeneral280d ago

The switch will not surpass the ps4.

michellelynn0976279d ago

Bad analogy. Both did very well and Japan is one of the biggest markets. Pretend Sony did this and you would overblow it.

EddieNX 280d ago

Switch is gunna get even more attention than the PS4 going forward off Japanese Devs. Great for Nintendo

Aceman18280d ago

With 73-74 mil PS4s out and still counting Japanese devs aren't going to drop support of the console just because the switch is doing well right now.

This is the nuttiest statement ever written here, I have friends who are ninty diehards through and through and they wouldn't even make this dumb of a statement 😩

EddieNX 280d ago

Japanese developers are going to lean towards to the Switch as it's BY FAR the hottest console in Japan. I'm stating facts my friends. Most Japanese Devs are gunna develop for the Switch and the ps4 will probably get ports of games developed for the Switch

Neonridr280d ago

there's only 5 million PS4's in Japan. Japanese devs hardly think about the rest of the world as more often than not their games go un-localized for other regions.

thesoftware730280d ago (Edited 280d ago )

I agree. I can clearly read that you said "even more attention than PS4".

@Foxtrot and Ace,
He is not wrong..the ps4 will get plenty of attention, but the switch is a hybrid and will take over the whole 3ds market at some point. We know the 3ds gets tons of games, and tons more that are cheaper to produce and way more mobile friendly leaving the ps4 out. The switch is the best of both worlds and it will be apparent in the coming year.

Btw...completely insane hardware and software domination!

The 10th Rider280d ago

Yeah, it's going to get the games that were previously coming to 3DS and Vita . . . it already is . . . and on top of that it will get many games that were previously only coming to PS4.

SuperSonic91280d ago (Edited 280d ago )

You are sooooooo late my friend.

The PS4 got that attention from Japanese developers way way before the Switch even launched.

You Nintendo fans would like to think that these third party Japanese game developers would quit making games for PlayStation after selling millions of units on niche games like Nioh, Nier Automata, Dragon Quest Builders, Persona 5, ESPECIALLY in the WEST, don't cha????

Nintendo made games selling millions on Switch is very different from 3rd party selling millions on the same platform.

You think Mario, Pokemon or Zelda selling millions on Nintendo is instantly attractive to 3rd party devs????
They know the caveats and they are not falling for that trap again.

But if 3rd party devs sell millions on PS4 than they do on Switch its common sense they will stay with PS4.

The way you guys think is amazing!

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balance2theforce280d ago

Wow, that thing's killing. Crazy how stories like this seem to get buried on this site, but we can get the same tired shit for other consoles over and over again lol. In any case, good for them I suppose. And great for me as it potentially should lead to even more great games.

Prince_TFK280d ago

This is insane. The top 5 are all Nintendo games.

balance2theforce280d ago (Edited 280d ago )

Sneakily though, that has always been a case of theirs. Even when their systems are doing bad they keep games in the top five-ten slots and/or charting pretty well at least. That's why when people kept going on and doggin them on Hardware Sales, Nintendo keep chugging along doing what they do because they always sell a hell of a lot of software. You know, the shit that really counts and the money is to be made for these guys.

And though I'm sure that they wouldn't mind posting big numbers on the hardware front to please the shareholders, pat themselves on the back about et cetera, but we all know that the money is made on software. And they've always done well there. Even though on their most off of years. Kudos for them though regardless. As they have certainly earned it like someone else said

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