Beyond Eververse: Destiny 2's Mighty Blow to Bungie's Reputation

Has Bungie lost whatever positive reputation it once had thanks to Destiny 2, or could the game, and for that matter, the whole series, be salvaged by the removal of Eververse?

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Jinger373d ago

Destiny has already blown their reputation. Unfortunately they signed with one of the worst Publishers for a game that could have been something amazingly special.

spicelicka373d ago

For real, Activision seems to have destroyed Bungie's integrity.

InTheZoneAC373d ago (Edited 373d ago )

Don't act like bungie didn't play their part. They're the ones crying about keeping up with updates and content.

fenome373d ago

Yeah, the first one already did that. The sequels would've been a great way to get back on the right foot with the fans.

I'm finally about to get the complete edition of the first one, I'll do the same with the sequel in a few years after they're done milking their initial install base. It's sad really, these are fun games with solid mechanics. Too bad business decisions are holding them back from their true potential.

I preordered the first one and bought the first DLC and then I saw what they were doing and chose not to support it any further.

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Rude-ro373d ago

Planning to call out the integrity of every game with loot boxes, pay 2 win(like halo 5), and micro transactions?
So far, I really only see a select few games make headlines for said tactics instead of the tactics themselves.
Seems very agenda like.
Hope the push for players continue and the message does not get lost on just said games...
Who am I kidding.

DFresh373d ago

I personally wasn’t even interested in Destiny 2.
Had it not been for me upgrading from the original PS4 to PS4 Pro with the Destiny 2 Bundle I wouldn’t have played it.
Once I max level capped the game on release to Level 20 I got bored of it.
It also annoyed me that every time I’d played Crucible to try to get some rare items those items unlocked would be equal or less then what I already have equipped.
What would make me come back to play the game?
Give me some better items to unlock.
I also think there should be some graphics settings option on consoles.
So you can do 2160P @ 30 frames per second but can’t optimize for 1080P @ 60 frames per second or even do 1440P?

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