Wccftech's Best Racing Games of 2017 - He's got a Brand New Car

The end of 2017 is behind us and you know what that means, don’t you? That's right, it's list time! This list features the best racing games of the year. Let's take the wheel and race towards the finish line.

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TheColbertinator1855d ago

Project Cars 2 was a delight for me with its career overhaul.

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Retroman1854d ago

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WickedLester1854d ago

Despite its lack of content, i still find GT Sport to be the most enjoyable. The car handling is perfect! The graphics, particularly the vehicle detail and the lighting are unmatched. The online racing is a lot of fun. Plus just the overall presentation is 1st class! Also the post launch added content has already made the game even better with more to come and most importantly, Polyphony isnt putting it behind a paywall!

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