Should We Be Scared of a Zelda Remake?

Let's talk about that Link's Awakening rumor. Is a remake of the Game Boy game a good idea?

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Fist4achin280d ago

That pic of link looks like he ate some bad meat!

Tetsujin280d ago

I actually like the Game Boy version for what it is. It's the first time Zelda and Gannon weren't in the game at all, but rather referenced. And for those who can't read, BOTH Zelda AND Gannon, not just one or the other (looking at Zelda 2 Adventure of Link). I also like how Princess Daisy was in a pic as someone else, Mario without his hat on as Tarin, Goombas as one of the enemies, Koopa head for the hook shot, Wart from Mario 2 provided a song needed to advance, and other references.

I still remember the warp glitch involving Select Button, and certain areas of the game were accessed through this glitch, but in the Color version it was patched.