Why Gamers Should Slow Their Roll

The hype is real! But, is it justified? Should people always be ready to jump on every bandwagon?

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Elda306d ago

Telling by the thumbnail they already slowed their roll.

TheOttomatic91306d ago

Say what? Aren’t you generalising a bit here, not all (in fact very few) are hyped about EVERYTHING.

yellowgerbil306d ago

No one needed to slow their roll for sonic mania, speed burst that roll

MagicBeanz306d ago

Cause all gaming is anymore, especially with the advent of social media, is hate trains and bandwagons, you just have to choose which one you want to get on.

PUBG306d ago

Unless you're an individual, then you don't get on either of those.

MagicBeanz306d ago

Not too many of those left these days and if you are you usually end up getting attacked by one of the aforementioned camps.