Yakuza: Going Back to Move Forward?

"A look at whether the previous releases of Sega's Yakuza Series are worth playing in 2018 given the popularity of the recent release Yakuza Kiwami" [email protected]

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Deathdeliverer334d ago

Of course the older games are worth playing for the complete story and relationships. If the Yakuza series was all standalone games then no. If the story is meaningless to you and you just want to backdrop people onto bike racks then also no. Yeah some of the games have a “the story up until now” video but it only touches on the main points. You have very little to no explanation of the reasoning, why the choices were made, the relationships of the ones involved,
nor why you should give a damn if the whole cast died. Incredible game series.

FullmetalRoyale334d ago

Yakuza 0 is my game of 2017. A year that had my most anticipated game of the generation, Persona 5, also release. The thing I want most video game wise is for SEGA to continue to release all of the previous Yakuza games on PS4. I have the Kiwami steelbook(but haven’t started it yet), seeing Kiryu and Nishiki on the cover like that makes me very excited to see where the story goes.
I want to preorder Yakuza 6(to support the franchise.) The reason I am hesitant is because there is no way I’m willing to skip 2-5 and missing out on that story.
Please make it right, SEGA.

sezesawas334d ago

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stefan_771334d ago

They should release a Legacy Collection like MGS

GamesMaster1982333d ago

Love the Yakuza series on with Zero now and just bought 5 for PS3. It's going to be a bit weird going from Zero on PS4 to 5 on PS3 then back to PS4 for 6 when that released. Sega should of defiantly ported 5 to PS4. I mean i don't really mind as still have my PS3 and Yakuza 3,4 Dead Souls and now 5 installed on there. But for fan's without a PS3 why the hell would they buy Yakuza 6 this year without playing the rest ?.