Dragon Ball FighterZ: 5 DLC Characters We'd Like To See

Cultured Vultures: Dragon Ball FighterZ has over 20 characters already. Let's wish for a few more.

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gangsta_red2092d ago

Would love to see Broly, unfortunately we'll probably see transgender Kale before we see Broly.

ShadowWolf7122092d ago

Kale > Broly all day. Better character in every respect.

kayoss2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

But Broly was the first villain to put fear into the z fighters. No villain have ever dominated the entire z-fighters like Broly did. Kale was never a threat compared to Broly.

gangsta_red2092d ago

I wouldn't say that she's a better character, all she does is get mad and go crazy exactly how Broly did in the movies.

The only thing I can say is her motivation might be a bit better than Broly's was.

ShadowWolf7122092d ago


She's shown more than one emotion, she's got connections to other characters, she has a far more interesting dynamic in being quiet and timid naturally, yet her full power is loud, boisterous, and unafraid.

To me, that's a lot more interesting than a single-note character like Broly.


Kale Loki Slammed Goku. As a Super Saiyan Blue. She's far and away more of a threat than Broly.

And plenty of characters have dominated them like that, often more so. Buu says hi. Freeza says hi. Cell literally spawned mini-me's to whupp everyone's ass and it didn't even phase him or shrink his power. Beerus literally spanked everyone without effort. I can go on.

Surt2091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

Every scene of kale ripped from Broly. EVERY SCENE. Only ones that weren't were of her showing emotional side. Seriously I wonder at the state of how heroes back then went from bad ass to skinny dorks. You can always find that kind of emotional girl on twitch. Not needed in DBS.

Broly was DC's Doomsday before Doomsday. Both have their place and roles in their perspective universe. Broly been in every DBZ game, and is very popular in japan. I'm not worried about pandering kale.

ShadowWolf7122091d ago

Broly's not near as popular over there as you might think.

And Kale's still an all-around better character. As for "pandering"... you're talking about a guy who has a lecherous old man as a central character and has had women use their feminine wiles (and even outright strip) to try to get wins. If you think he's gonna "pander", you're gonna have a bad time.

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Pookandpie2092d ago

Broly was terrible. In TFS's words: "He's so cool. But he's so dumb!"

Kale actually has a character, while Broly is just dumb and incredibly irritated by Goku because he... cried. King Vegeta tried to stab Broly, but he hates Goku, not Vegeta. Broly is nonsensical, edgy garbage while Kale at least had a personality, lol.

Super messed up a lot of things (power scaling among them), but Legendary Super Saiyan is not one of them.

Surt2091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

Guy ran thru all Z fighters. But your take away is "why is he angry? where is his tragic story that he wasn't breast fed" Man, I tell you what one guy I use to play football with told me. "I don't need a reason to throw this dork into this locker. I don't hate em" Than of course I'll convince him not too. (or if I wasn't there take the kid out of the locker) Relax people.

thatguyhayat2092d ago

Jiren the gray. He will definitely be added eventually

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CorndogBurglar2092d ago

Why waste it on Hercule?


PhantomS422092d ago

Radditz 100% is needed. If Nappa and Captain Ginyu are in the game then there is no reason why Radditz can't be.

CorndogBurglar2092d ago

Oh Broly is coming. Believe that. He is too popular not to have in a game like this.

Chaosdreams2092d ago

Broly, and Jiren. Those two would go a long way.

kayoss2092d ago

Broly and Jiren fuse. =Jolly

InTheZoneAC2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

Smdh, how about you would like to see free dlc, not paid. No fighting game should ever have paid dlc characters unless it's years after release.

SegaGamer2092d ago

I agree. Remember the amount of characters available for Budokai Tenkaichi 2 and 3 ? Every time i see these DLC characters in DB games, i think back to those games. It's a joke that they make you pay extra for characters that should already be in the game and the people asking for them are just stupid.

CorndogBurglar2091d ago

You can assume as much because that is the current state of the industry, sure.

But if you think anyone WANTS paid DLC over free DLC then you are fooling yourself. You make it sound like they want to pay more money instead of getting it free.

All they said is DLC. Not paid DLC.

CorndogBurglar2092d ago

They never said anything about wanting paid DLC.

InTheZoneAC2092d ago

you can read the headline? It does not said paid, but that's exactly what it means.