Devil May Cry HD Collection For PS4, Xbox One, and PC Gets New 1080p Screenshots

Today Capcom released a new batch of assets of the upcoming Devil May Cry HD Collection for PS4, Xbox One, and PC that was announced back in December.

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zielocz3k286d ago

looks like pretty lazy remaster (probably just 1080p/4k and better aa, fps and thats it)

generic-user-name286d ago

It's a remaster, not a remake, that's pretty standard improvements for remasters.

bouzebbal285d ago

i bought the HD collection.. i barely touched it.
i think DMC series aged very badly. Animations from another time and not engaging anymore.
i was really excited for the PS# HD collection but i ended up raising my eyebrows at how bad the 3 games aged.

KaaF285d ago

No, the standard remaster is at least better textures, maybe some upgraded key models like the main characters. This is just a port, not a remaster.

darthv72285d ago

Wasn't the HD collection already a remaster? I'm surprised the 360 single DVD was able to hold all 3 games to begin with seeing as they were PS2 DVD games. I went with the PS3 version because i felt there was probably lots of compression on the 360 version due to fitting on one disc. PS3 would not be compressed (as much).

Now with the PS4 and XBO it looks like its a remaster of a remaster and should be uncompressed for everything.

fathertime4464285d ago

Nah. Definitely upgraded the graphics a lot. Game didn't hold up that well

bigmalky286d ago

Just remake DMC1 or make a new one. 3 generations of the same games ffs.

sigrid286d ago

The best way to show there is still interest in the series is to buy the remaster.

They made a new game last gen and all people did was complain about dumb stuff like Dante's hair color.

Lord_Sloth286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

Or the story, or the writing, or the combat, or the characters, or the music, or the whole tone, or the presentation, or the dreadful PR work. But sure, lets oversimplify the complaints to the only thing you care to say was an issue.

They outsourced an action game with the name Devil May Cry to another company. They did not in fact make a new DMC game.

Snookies12285d ago

Lol, it was never about DmC Dante's hair color...

BlaqMagiq1285d ago

If that was all you saw then you really don't know why people didn't like DmC.

bigmalky285d ago (Edited 285d ago )

I already bought the remasters... On PS3. Why would I want to pay for these games a third time?

And DMC had a lot of issues, Dante's hair colour was just a minor gripe. Looking like Hayden Christiensen was a bonus turd.

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SarcasticDuck286d ago

Is DmC being remastered too?

Darkwatchman285d ago was already remastered for PS4 and Xbox One years ago

SarcasticDuck285d ago

I know, i'm just messing with people (except for the fact that i actually like that game)

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