Burnout Paradise HD Remaster listed at UK retailer for PS4 priced £34.99

It's time to rev your engines as the Burnout Paradise HD Remaster release is set to arrive very soon according to a brand new listing.

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ocelot07280d ago

I read a few days ago that it was confirmed for Japan for PS4 coming 16th March. If this is the case I assume it will be released world wide and for other platforms (maybe even the Switch).

If this is the case lets hope EA don't try and add in loot boxes.

Silly gameAr280d ago

Yeah, I read that too,but that article was failed of course.

Sgt_Slaughter280d ago

There was a Switch rumor a few weeks ago as well. That would be my go to version, a portable Burnout Paradise? Take my money immediately.

fivoleka280d ago

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GamesMaster1982280d ago

Quite steep for a old game with a new lick of paint. But as long as it contains all the add on's like the new Island and the Bikes i may bite, as only type of racing games i like are like this. Real racing sim's just bore the ass of me.

SierraGuy280d ago

The open world killed my interest. I wish they would release the original burnout games remastered. I mean paradise is ok but I'm open world fatigued.

Sunny_D280d ago

Back when it came out, I felt it was still pretty fresh and open world games weren’t so rampant. But, now everyone releases an open world game.

InTheZoneAC280d ago

Paradise was easily my favorite version, as much as I enjoyed all the previous versions.

letsa_go280d ago

100% agree. Plus they took out the crash mode, which was my favorite part of the series! I also have paradise on steam, so I would much prefer Burnout 3 or revenge.

UltraNova280d ago

I'm fed up with open world games as well but Paradise is the perfect example of gamer freedom done right. Plus it has the best driving arcade controls ever put in a game, imo!

The price is high though. I hope they added everything that came after post OG release.

Venox2008280d ago

Yes..I would be just happy for Takedown and Revenge on one disc :)

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porkChop280d ago

That works out to near $50USD. That's almost full price. That's a bit much for a 10 year old game. It was a great game, but that's a little steep even with all the DLC.

EazyC280d ago

True. You can get the PC version with all the DLC for under a tenner. Online is rather dead which is a shame though

badz149280d ago

it's an old game. what do you expect. I also got it for like $2 during sales a couple years back

DialgaMarine280d ago

Probably my favorite racing game of all time. Will definitely buy it again.

RedDevils280d ago

not for that price though.

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The story is too old to be commented.