Great Gaming Soundtracks From Past To Present.....Part Two

In our second batch of musical selections, we have undoubtedly picked out some stellar pieces of music that will pull at the coldest of heart strings. The music, ever present and haunting us with ever evolving soundtracks is a huge contributor toward what makes a game great. It ignites our emotions in ways we can’t imagine be it in film, TV or gaming. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to full appreciate the experience that is intended by a director of any said media. And that brings us to our next batch of musical greats that will no doubt remain timeless to many.

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TheEnigma313308d ago

I hope Castlevania SOTN is in here somewhere.

NordicRainy308d ago

TLOU has a pretty great soundtrack by Gustavo Santaolalla.

TheSplooge308d ago

Halo 1-3 still have some of my most favorable soundtracks. Battlefield 1 is pretty good as well.

GamesMaster1982308d ago

Nier Automata need i say more.