Gears Dev The Coalition is Working on a New Xbox IP With Storylab Productions

Gears of War developer The Coalition is currently working on a brand-new Xbox IP, according to multimedia production house, Storylab Productions.

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butchertroll2333d ago

Like Klobrille said on Resetera ( who gave us rumor about Forza Horizon 4, Crackdown 3....) :

"I feel like people are setting themselves for disappointment. There is the possibility they gave more responsibility to Splash Damage, allowing them to do something else besides that or whatever. The Coalition is Gears though. It’s even in their name. "


Kribwalker2333d ago

nice of you to cut this part out though “I really didn’t search for anything Gears, sorry”

butchertroll2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

That part really doesn't matter. Got some problem with that? It’s just partnership with Storylabs.

slate912333d ago

I hate when people say 343 and Coalition can't work on any other IP's because of their names. Like yeah, MS is going to keep 100+ of their best developers on lock to do the same thing over and over again after disappointing sales/scores for both halo 5 and gears 4.

Goldby2333d ago

I think it's more about how ms will continue to make them have to do the gears and halo series.

And if that happens 1 of 3 things happen.

Team A is stuck doing the main franchise causing a possible mass effect andromeda situation for the new ip

Team b is put on the main franchises making them sell less as less experienced developers are put on it causing a mass effect situation in the main franchise.

Or team b is a mix of team A making both series a success.

While I think the third option is the best it probably wont hapoen

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Obscure_Observer2333d ago


It´s funny to see you trying to spin this awesome news into something negative. Lmao!

butchertroll2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

I said something negative because i'd quoted a member from Resetera who also leaked entire MS E3 2016 press conference and also Klobrille, reported that he has access to an internal Microsoft system where project entries are stored? LOL! Nice try.

I quoted words from an Xbone fan on Resetera and yet, Xbone fan on N4G said i spin awesome news into negative. Wait, what?

Obscure_Observer2333d ago

It´s a new IP from The Coalition in partnership with storylab! Awesome news for Xbox and Windows PC owners! That´s all i know.

I also know that the crow will be served to fanboys and haters if all those leaks regarding new IPs and exclusives for the Xbox turn out to be true. Time will tell. ;)

343_Guilty_Spark2333d ago

They are the first ones to complain about exclusives though.

christocolus2333d ago

Nice. Can't wait to see what they're working on.

gangsta_red2333d ago

Very interesting, MS is seems to really be trying to turn their game situation around.

Going to be a good time this year.

AngelicIceDiamond2333d ago

Its about time if you ask me. I honestly believe the rumor Coalition are talented devs just give them the freedom they'll create a mustt have hit for Xbox.

And a much needed hit at that tbh.

gangsta_red2333d ago

Agreed, they took care of the hardware issue one hundred folds, now they need to take of this issue.

No reason a separate team couldn't work on something else other than Gears so it's good to read that they are doing exactly this.

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yomfweeee2333d ago

Just exactly what have the done? I must have missed something.

gangsta_red2333d ago

I must have also missed the point of your comment. What are you asking me?

yomfweeee2333d ago

The point was obvious. You are acting like Microsoft has turned around their games situation and 2018 is going to be a great year.

So what are you basing that on? There have been zero announcements and their 2018 looks bleak.

gangsta_red2333d ago

"You are acting like Microsoft has turned around their games situation"

I guess you missed the keyword in my original post.."TRYING".

No where did I say they did or have turned it around.

"So what are you basing that on?"

I'm basing it on rumors just like everyone else is or are we now not allowed to speculate or discuss this?

For a group who constantly rages about MS providing no games for Xbox I would think you and others would want to see this actually be true a lot more than anyone else. Or would something like this give you less to moan about?

"...and their 2018 looks bleak."

Of course it does...*yawn*

yomfweeee2333d ago

Saying a year is going to be great based on no real information is desperation. So keep supporting Microsoft's failed decisions.

What do you mean everyone else is? Blind MS fan boys?

chaos-emeralds2333d ago

I agree, i think they have been sorting their house out to furnish it. I hope were in for some surprises this year.

BeOpenMinded2333d ago

Amen, with the games on all platforms I think it will be. A few unexpected PC ports will make this year one of the recent best I think for consoles

Cuzzo632332d ago

It's a start... But 1 new IP????

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Angainor72333d ago

It looks like that there is some movement... Finally...

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