Metal Gear Survive: 5 Minutes of Single-Player Gameplay

Get a look at base-building, crafting, and luring zombies off of cliffs in the upcoming Metal Gear release.

TargusX2388d ago

So pleased they've added sp

Palitera2388d ago

Yeah, but still there is the combination of Konami + loot boxes.

This alone indicates that the progression and item management will be awful or worse.

cleft52387d ago

I will wait until the game is out before I judge it. I feel people are far to eager to hate anything Konami related because of the Kojima stuff. I am sorry, but the man was not a saint or did we all simply forget how David Hayter was discarded by him. Konami certainly doesnt deserve praise, but what corporation truly does? I will judge Metal Gear Survive on its own merit and not blindly hate something because its the cool thing to do.

Palitera2387d ago

Do you need to wait and see that it will be pay to win? Just because it is cool to "respect" Konami and say that you are against the herd? Even when it is obvious that they will screw their consumers?
Seriously. The guys live out of pachinko money. What do you think they will do with the progression in this game?

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Zarock2387d ago

Metal gear and tlou had a baby.

philm872388d ago

Actually looks pretty good the more I see of it. Politics shouldn't detract from a potentially good game, there's many honest hard working people developing this game.

Palitera2388d ago

Have you seen the loot boxes?

GamesMaster19822388d ago

HAVE YOU ? ...NO. Nobody has said that the game contains paid lootboxes yet. So don't assume that it's EA and Battlewankfest 2.

Godmars2902388d ago

What does it matter if it has loot boxes or not? Its a zombie survival game trying to exploit the Metal Gear name.

cleft52387d ago

Loot boxes aren't inherently bad. If done right they are just another mechanic in the game. Loot boxes have been done right before and surprisingly EA was one of the companies to do them right with Mass Effect 3. Obviously, loot boxes can become a plague that ruins games as well, but we wont know that until the game is out.

Palitera2387d ago

Lootboxes are confirmed.
Do you think they will just not implement the biggest cash grab in modern gaming? And if they implement, do you think the pachinko company will just make it in a very consumer friendly way?

It really confuses me how some people can't see some very obvious schemes happening.

Yeah yeah, Konami will put loot boxes into the game and won't force players in this direction. Sure. lol

Palitera2387d ago

Loot boxes aren't inherently bad if we are talking about free to play games. These games need it.
In other cases, when it is attached to the gameplay itself (not just cosmetics, which are already a shame in a full price title), it needs to have the progression slowed to make sales.
Design and monetization always walk together, from the very beginning of the project. And this is why loot boxes intentionally destroy the progress flow.

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FlameBaitGod2388d ago

Its from the same company that prohibited Kojima from receiving an award lol, the guy made them millions and they treated him like $h1t

GamesMaster19822388d ago

No one has ever heard the full story between the two. Maybe just maybe if you take off you fanboy glasses for just one moment. Maybe Kojima was a pain to have working for you, spending way over budget on projects and taking way too long over the deadlines. And don't get me started on the shit story he made for V and Kiefer Silent Snake. But anywhere no one know's exactly what went down so for me blame is on both sides.

2387d ago
cleft52387d ago

Kojima profited greatly off of David Hayter and treated him like shit as well, so whats your point? It's called business and sometimes business is heartless. I am not saying Konami is a good company or anything, far from it, but I will judge this game based on its own.

GamesMaster19822388d ago

Sorry forgot you were there and know everything. My mistake apologies.

AnubisG2388d ago

Well this has nothing to do with Metal Gear but looks like an ok game. Nothing special. I would have much preffered to see a remake lf MGS1 instead of this.

Z5012388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Watch the reveal trailer. There's a Metal Gear at the end.
*was Sahelanthropus a 'metal gear'?
I would understand, had you said 'this isn't a metal gear game', but if there's a metal gear in the game then it literally has something to do with metal gear. j/s

sprinterboy2388d ago

Better than I was expecting tbh

doos_vd_kak2388d ago

looks like a mash up between metal gear solid and the last of us (but maybe that's giving it way too much credit)