NVIDIA Reveals BFGD At CES 2018

With CES opening this week, NVIDIA has revealed a new breed of Big Format Gaming Displays for PC gaming.

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StormsWarning335d ago

its so ridiculous to me that in 2018 you can not purchase a full 4k monitor with hdr. and instead as a company you gotta come up with all these different abbreviations to make it look like your really doing something. smh dont open your wallets to these fools..

WibbleWaffle335d ago

Hey, just in case you actually want to buy a 4k HDR monitor you can! I have one from Dell and it is fantastic but you do pay for it.

Its a U2718Q.

morganfell335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

The problem for me is size. My PC runs on a 40inch 4K HDR Samsung TV. I am limited in refresh rate but I can't bring myself to give up that screen size. Once these hit the market I'll be happy.

starchild335d ago

Ok, so where else can I buy a large HDR display with high refresh rate at true 120Hz, variable refresh rate (gsync), and low latency? Currently I have a 144Hz Gsync 28" monitor, but it doesn't have HDR and it's not as big as I would like. Low latency and gsync are extremely important to me, but I also want a larger gaming display with HDR.

You'd maybe have a point if this technology was available elsewhere, but so far it's not and I'm glad someone is doing it.

335d ago
kevnb335d ago

What are you talking about?

AmstradAmiga335d ago

Your brief comment history tells me two things, you're angry most of the time and if the Nvidia screen had been developed by Sony you'd likely be a lot more accepting of it.

cannon8800335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

Take a look at the monoprice 32 inch 4k ips monitor with hdr. It's 400 dollars.
I bought it for my gaming pc and ps4 pro. It has amd freesync and is 2ms. The only downside is that it's 60hz.

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ji3200335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

who cares about new 4k display. I got Vive and im playing all the triple A title games in VR using Vorpx software. why play on your tiny 65 inch tv? field of view in VR is bigger screen size than IMAX theater. 100 degree field of view in VR (without turining your head) vs IMAX screen size (70 degree field of view)

Lynx0207335d ago

I have the headset too. It is amazing for vr games, but for "normal display games" the quality is very poor. It looks like something between 576p and 720p. The screen in vr is huge and 3d effect is amazing but for "normal" gaming I prefer my 1080p 24" monitor.

335d ago
Si-Fly335d ago

I agree with Lynx, VR specific games are ace especially racing titles. But for normal gaming I use a 1440p Ultrawide so I can enjoy some eye candy that is sorely missing from VR atm. I’m very much looking forward to Asus and Acers new 4K HDR monitors.

starchild335d ago

While VR, and Vive in particular, is awesome, I wouldn't want to play all games that way. There are a variety of reasons: eye strain, low resolution, lack of HDR and Gsync, etc. So it's better for me to have a VR headset along with a good gaming display that hopefully works well for movies too.

Doge335d ago

Been waiting a while for a big display that cuts off all the fat TV manufacturers put on and has a damn low latency. Will upgrade to one of these for sure!

Fishy Fingers335d ago

If the price is reasonable I’m certainly going to consider it. I have a decent 4KTV but it’s still doesn’t cut the mustard next to my monitor.

Gridknac335d ago

Lol! Anything right now that has g sync in it, is twice as expensive. A 65in 4k with g sync? I'll bet you will have to mortgage your house and give them 2 pints of blood.

Gh05t335d ago

"cuts off all the fat TV manufacturers put on" and "Will upgrade to one of these for sure!" Those two things dont exist in the same universe. They added a NShield to the TV. They chucked on a whole new set of "fat" for no reason since it is hooked up to your PC.

I want a nice big PC monitor too and this may be as good as it gets for a few years but its far from being "just a monitor" with good specs. I wish they hadnt tried to sell more Shields.

Doge335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

They're aiming to have this used as a TV as well. Hence why the Shield is in there. While PC gaming is the main focus, console gaming use and media consumption (like any smart UI modern TV has) is also advertised.

They trimmed off the unnecessary post-processing that added nothing but input lag.

jmc8888335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

It's basically a 4ktv with gsync and 120hz @4k.

[email protected]20hz will likely be coming soon.

So it's really a gsync premium. Even then we don't know other factors that could contribute to the value or lack thereof.

It looks good, but it may not actually be as good as it looks.

The new hdmi standard kind of might obsolete gsync.

At this point it's probably best to just wait until something with similar specs is sub $1000 or sub $700 in a couple of years.

Gh05t335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

So let me get this strait... You slammed a NShield into a monitor attached to a PC... WHY? Its attached to a PC! why would I need to stream through the shield if I have it on a PC? Why would I watch netflix on the shield when its on a PC? why would you say "And when you finally stop playing PC games for the day you’ll receive a fantastic experience playing NVIDIA SHIELD games..." WHy in Gods name would you stop playing PC games to play Shield games on your PC MONITOR.

Im all for large screen game playing but WTF! Why did they ruin the idea with Shield?

Pantz335d ago

No HDR? I'll stick to my Xbox One X and PS4 Pro.

ProLogY335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

From the article, second paragraph:

"These ultra-low latency panels feature our latest G-SYNC HDR technology"
"Additionally, the 4K HDR display features a full direct-array backlight, 1,000-nit peak luminance and DCI-P3 color gamut for the ultimate in visual quality. "

So to answer your question, yes HDR. Also It's a screen.. If it has an HDMI input (not confirmed) you could use your Xbox One X and PS4 Pro on it with almost no latency that you would get from a TV

Pantz335d ago

Right but how many pc games support HDR? Far less than consoles.

cartoonx1334d ago

@Pantz, stop trolling, its a Monitor u can plug it to a xbox/ps4. its not a pc lol

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