Generation VII perfected Pokémon’s formula - it’s time to take the training wheels off

It was hard to get truly excited about Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon's release last year - partly because it wasn't on the Nintendo Switch - but mostly because their predecessors, Sun and Moon, already pretty much perfected the core bedrock of the game, and the Ultra versions don't really go to any great lengths to correct the mistakes Sun/Moon made around that base game. Zelda Breath of the Wild demonstrated the best path forward - an open world game that relies on the core mechanics of the previous games and the open world's own mechanics to deliver engaging gameplay and a living, dynamic game world. With their own leap to the Switch upcoming, is it time for Game Freak to start relying on their own core mechanics to build a more engaging and open Pokemon world and finally take the training wheels off?

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If the people in the article research, they would know it was not suppose to be anything different because it was a new team making the game on old assets while the team that perfect gen 7 aka the main team is working on the switch version...........the main team left after sun and moon but the new team not too horrible ultra sun and moon still decent